MGG 367: Photo Stream, Email, FTP, iDevice Backups

Dave’s back from vacation and he and John dive right back in, answering questions about Photo Stream, iCloud, IMAP mail, FTP Servers on Lion, forcing iTunes to backup locally and much, much more. Download today and enjoy!

MGG 367: Photo Stream, Email, FTP, iDevice Backups

Dec. 5, 2011 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Paul in Sunny OC

Hi Guys!

My 12 year old son is ready for his first Mac (and so is the entire extended family who are willing to help on the purchase).  Recently a co-worker upgraded his MacbookPro and told me he had a 13” Core2Duo unit for sale. Is is a 2008, and I assume I won’t be able to buy an extended warranty.  So to my questions…

1. I am thinking of asking the family to donate to a “service savings account”, that way my son would have funds in case future repairs are needed.  Would you recommend we have the unit check out at the Apple Store before we buy it?

2. I need some Geek Advice.  While I am versed in wireless, and have engineers at work I can speak to… I am wondering if the MGG community can help me protect my son.  What I want to do is find a way to prevent him from accessing wireless networks without prior approval.  I know this is not something I can control away from home easily, but when he is home, how can I prevent him from connecting to neighbor’s “open” AP’s and help to ensure his safety? (Internet content specifically).  I am aware of parental controls, but I want to give him some freedom and responsibility without being treated like a younger child.  I have already advised him that while he can figure out some things, I would strongly advise him… “Don’t get caught”!

Is this even possible?

Thanks… love the show and hope to hear from you soon!

Paul Eiler
National Channel Sales Manager
D-Link Systems

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