MGG 372: iTunes Match, Safari Fixes, Sending Files, & More

Dave and John Kick off the new year doing their favorite thing and yours: answering your questions and sharing their tips about the Mac and other Apple products. This show’s full of great stuff, as usual, including a discussion about iTunes Match (and solving some quirky problems therein), fixing Safari when it’s got you down, tips on sending large files and much, much more. Download today (it’s free!) and enjoy.

MGG 372: iTunes Match, Safari Fixes, Sending Files, & More

Jan. 3, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Hi J, D and PP

I really liked today’s show and I wanted to post back on a few imac snow leopard things I tried in safari after your podcast and a bit on the ham radio listener challenge and HP printer ink.

First - top sites. Well, I found the same thing in my safari 5 when I clicked on the 3rd from the left grid of dots (top spots and also history is here). Some just had the SAFARI wheel in the thumbnail space and some had thumb nails. BUT, when I clicked the safari logo wheel then the site opened and when I went back to top spots the thumbnail showed the image!  Funny, huh!

Second, down at the bottom when you are in top sites you see a button lower left called EDIT. If you click it you will see a rounded rectangle bar on each thumnail and you can choose to X delete the site as a top site (I have no idea how it gets to be a top site but lets carry on) or THUMBTACK it to ALWAYS be a top site. Guess what is thumbtacked now - yes MGG site!

Third - HP printers. We have an HP photosmart D110A that basically was free with the 27” early 2011 imac due to a refund.

Fair enough but the ink cost is a rip off. So we bought a remanu on - tilt worked for about 3 sheets (black was our
first try). Then we FILLED and EMPTY HP cartridge and Office Max - in Honolulu and the state of WA it is only
$5 any size for black and $10 any size for color. This worked perfect on the black - have not done the color. The only thing
is that the dock icon from installing the printer software will give you a cheeky red exclamation point

OK now on the ham radio thing. This last year 2011 Leo Laport “THE Tech Guy” had a running series of podcats in itunes where he described becoming a ham radio operator and he said you NO L ONGER have to learn morse code. I did not check up on it but if so - hey Dave - no excuse.

Thanks guys for the always informative show!

TTM (well not really - she doesn’t know how to use a mac yet)

Dave Hamilton

Tammy—I believe that’s correct: you can get an “entry-level” style HAM license which doesn’t require the learning of Morse Code. I actually know a fair amount (dating back to my childhood)—I think it was John who was lacking any knowledge of it. But it would come easy to him, I’m sure.

So you’re right: no excuses, but I’m still not sure it’s relevant enough for me to warrant doing it. If I’m going to add any licenses to my own personal arsenal, a private pilot’s license is the next thing I’d go after. wink

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