MGG 374: Cool Stuff Found at CES, Questions Answered & More

Dave’s out at CES and he talks about the cool stuff found on the show floor (and elsewhere!) there. Then he and John are off to the races, answering your questions about controlling a Mac with your iPad or iPhone, manually decrypting a FileVault 2 partition, troubleshooting a slowing Handbrake, organizing content on a dual drive system, and much, much more. Download today (it’s free) and enjoy.

MGG 374: Cool Stuff Found at CES, Questions Answered & More

Jan. 11, 2012 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Michael Price

Hi Guys:

In episode #374 (and a couple of others) you mentioned the Sharkfin custom mold for earbuds. I have a junk pair of earbuds that I use for listening to my favorite podcast (MGG)  when mowing the lawn, snow blowing, and general yard work. Basically when I am dong things where I do not want to expose my bose over-ear headphones to harm. the junker earbuds get really uncomfortable after a couple of hours and the sharkfin mold is something I’d love to try. I checked out the website, but they only list their retail partners. I searched around, specifically at the listed partners and cannot find any hint of where to buy these things.
Do you have any links or suggestions for purchasing a set or two?

Regards & keep up the great work.
- Mike.

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