TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-28

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It's all about app interfaces on Daily Observations today. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about what could change to make the iPhone's interface better, and they get a little rant on about iTunes 12, too.

TMO Daily Observations: 2014-10-28

Oct. 28, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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I just listened to this today. iTunes 12 has some major issues. I don’t understand how Apple could have made it worse, but, they did.

I prefer to download my iOS apps and app updates ONCE with iTunes, then sync my devices to it. I also prefer to update the software w/iTunes, have few issues this way.

I have discovered that I can download app updates, but, when I sync my devices, the apps don’t get updated. ???? If I click on Apps on the left, then the scroll through the list of apps, I can click on “update” and then, when I “apply” they update. This is a real time wasting piece of crap way of doing things, please tell me this is a mistake. I gave iTunes feedback to report this as a bug.

Apple needs to hire someone to redo iTunes. Searching at iTunes Store is really slow and awkward. You do a search, then, you get very limited info. about each item. So, you click on that item…then it takes you to a whole new page just about that item. When you click to go back to your search, not only is it not loaded in memory, it has to reload, but, it goes back to the search list and at top, not like when you go back on a web browser. That’s only part of it. It’s a hap-hazard experience at best. It takes too long to find and preview something and go back and look at something else, just too long.

• I also experienced extremely long download times for iOS 8.1 software update, both in iTunes and over the air. At first I thought everyone was trying to do it at once, but, a week later and it takes just as long. I documented this in macrumors, and found I was not the only one. Everything else works as normal, except downloading 8.1. Very strange, like, someone is throttling just the iOS software download. It took 12 hours for my iPad over iTunes (1.7?GB). It took less than 12 minutes to download a 771 MB video podcast. It took several hours for my iPhone 6 over the air (170 MB 8.1 update from 8.0), long story short, I could not wait for iTunes as I could not do a restore (went from 16GB 6 to 128GB) with iOS 8.0 on it, as the 16GB 6 had 8.1 on it. Ugh. I did not have this problem with 8.0, nor 8.0.2. Everything, and I mean everything else works just as normal. I even tried to reset my modem, direct ethernet connection, etc. made zero difference. One guy tried it at different locations, same results as me. I contacted Apple and they stated that the servers were working perfectly. Uhn-uh, no they are not.

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