TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-14: Watson Health Cloud, Hoping for Apple Watch Failure

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IBM and Apple are teaming up to change how doctors and researchers deal with medical and health data. Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to look at IBM's Watson Health Cloud and how it will impact medical research, plus they look at just what it takes to convince yourself the Apple Watch is a failure no matter how successful it may be.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-04-14: Watson Health Cloud, Hoping for Apple Watch Failure

Apr. 14, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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The only thing worse than an “Apple Hater” is an “Apple Lover”

Sorry, but the idea of being so emotionally invested in the success or attacks of a product you had no part in creating is just odd. If people are talking garbage about my kid or a work project I was leading then I’d be the first to be on the defense. But to get angry at the words of someone you already dismiss as a “hater” just seems like a waste of time. (Note: Not a waste of time for anyone on staff because you guys can grumble and team up against anyone you want. I’m saying a waste of time for listeners who tune in for Apple News and end up with 30 minutes of Ego Boosting)

I promise that I’ll stop commenting on every episode, but as I’ve said previously I am new to the channel and am trying to figure out why this show fluctuates from “Fun Apple Talk” to “Bitter Defensive Grumpiness” so often. I’m getting a better feel of who are the rational minds and who are the sycophants so I’ll do better to look at the show notes prior to listening. :D


^Actually I thought Bryan’s rant was appropriate. There are a lot of people who spew Apple hate, and while sometimes it may be founded, this time it clearly was not. Someone who reads something like that without the knowledge to know how ridiculous his claims were might spread his opinions as fact.


Welcome Kitty Kata to the world of the apple Drones and Clones. This site was a frontrunner when Apple was an underdog with superior OS and cool computers but basically getting it’s lunch eaten every day by Microsoft which incidentally still to this day eats Apple’s lunch in the Enterprise mkt - but I digress. Once Apple took the MP3 player and wrapped a basic touch screen around it -and hilariously thought that it was patentable - they lost the plot. Oh sure it spawned the iPhone, iPad and iWatch (the real Apple Watches came out decades ago Remember Think Different backwards movement?) all of which made my stocks happy but the soul of this site has been gone for years. It’s iOS Observer, clearly not MacObserver; the standards of imagination are all but gone replaced by drones and ridiculously troll worthy hyperbolic headlines courtesy of Mr. Martellaro - and then they think everybody else “protest to much methinks” when they miss the mark. I joined this site before 99% of most - #793 but as I’ve implied, I am persona non grata since the new front running iObserver can’t take any criticism at all. I’ve made many predictions that got me lambasted on this site - only to come true so just hang in there Kitty, a lot of room temperature IQ’s in Clone-Ville won’t get me down.


“Kitty Katta” - sorry d;)


Well, there’s the usual suspects how totally disagree with anyone daring to complain about the Apple haters. KittyKatta, why are you posting unless you are emotionally involved here? (BTW. I’m posting out of amusement for your self deception that you are displaying). And CudaBoy, another rant about the perceived evils of Apple? Isn’t it getting a bit long in the tooth? Enjoy yourself, but I think people’s feelings for you have long changed from annoyance to pity.


<<Enjoy yourself, but I think people’s feelings for you have long changed from annoyance to pity.>>
(as he hoists his Apple Watch in protest too much, methinks)

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