TMO Daily Observations 2015-11-12: A Day with iPad Pro

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It's been only a day since the iPad Pro was released and already people are forming their opinions on the mega-sized tablet. The Maccast's Adam Christianson joins Jeff Gamet to discuss what they think of the latest addition to the iPad line, and the different use cases they have planned for theirs.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-11-12: A Day with iPad Pro

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I went out and bought the new iPad Pro yesterday as well.  I got the 128gb wifi in silver.  It is a beautiful iPad.  The first thing I like is that the screen is so large that it dominates your field of vision when it was sitting in front of you.  When I use an iPad mini or iPad Air I don’t have to move my eyes much, but with the iPad Pro I found myself actually turning my head side to side to look at things on opposite sides of the screen

I also agree that I am thinking about the concept of the iPad differently.  Apps that I used only casually or not at all on the iPad Air, now seem different and have more potential.  For example, I only used Pages on the iPad only when necessary, but the size and space available on the iPad Pro can basically show a full page (when the on-screen keyboard is down).  I will absolutely be getting the Smart Keyboard now.

The performance coming from an iPad Air to the iPad Pro is remarkable, everything runs very smoothly and I can have a lot open at the same time.  The sound is significantly better.  The speakers kind of remind me of studio monitors because the sound positioning is great.  For example, when watching a movie the sound seems to be originating from where someone’s mouth on the screen is.

When I was at the Apple Store yesterday I did confirm that the Smart Keyboard and the iPad Pro Silicone Case can both be used together.  It will work both closed and when it is open to type on the keyboard.  The silicone case has a cut out on the left side where the Smart Keyboard attaches.

Overall, I would say that iPads have always been great for content consumption, but now with the iPad Pro it is great for content consumption and content creation.  Every time I get a new iPad I find myself using a desktop less and less.  The iPad Pro doesn’t fully replace a laptop or desktop, but I would definitely say it takes a great-white shark sized bite out of it [cue theme to Jaws].

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