TMO Daily Observations 2015-12-18: Mobile Payment Fragmentation, Phil Schiller’s Mac App Store

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Target has plans to launch its own mobile payment system, just like Walmart is doing with Walmart Pay. Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to talk about the fragmented mobile payment platform market, and the state of the Mac App Store now that it falls under Phil Schiller's purview.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-12-18: Mobile Payment Fragmentation, Phil Schiller’s Mac App Store

Dec. 18, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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Look, I’m with you guys in that I want Apple Pay to be ubiquitous. But why don’t we just stop crapping on other companies so quickly and for once aim that spray towards Apple. Just look at AndroidPay for a second. When it was first released then Jamba Juice was giving little Android figurines to anyone who used it. Best Buy currently is giving $20 gift cards for people using AndroidPay for the first time. And other retailers have teamed up with Google to try to promote their version of payment.

And what has Apple done to promote ApplePay? Nothing.

So where’s the outrage? Wheres the finger pointing towards Apple to using their billions to promote their own product? Wheres the shaming on Apple for owning tech that makes transactions more secure yet making it 300th on their list of priorities? Well. Once again all those fingers are pointed at everyone EXCEPT Apple.

(BTW. Discover Card has a promo running where they give 10% statement credit towards any in-store ApplePay purchases. Great deal right and fantastic promotion. Yeah. Except its Discover eating the loss, not Apple. And Apple, the marketing kings, havn’t even bothered to advertise this once because its their control or its nothing.)

This conversation is yet another instance in which people are upset at another company ONLY because Apple is not doing what they want it to do. Target has had its own credit card for over a decade. Its a RedCard that ONLY works at Target and nowhere else. So, why does a card like this exist and why is it even popular? Because they give you 5% back on EVERYTHING you buy with it.

Yet here we are in 2015 and this is the first time any of the podcasters are complaining about it. Why? Did you suddenly generate enough outrage to finally tip you to yelling about it? Or is it because this is again another store that isn’t biting into ApplePay and therefore Target is now the bad guy.


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