AVIATOR Laptop Stand

Airline trays, coffee shop tables, and hotel room desks... all places that your Mac laptop sits, but just doesnit feel great. The AVIATOR Laptop Stand from Keynamics aims to bring a little bit of comfort back to your portable computing experience.

The AVIATOR lifts your laptop up and off of the desk or airline tray surface and tilts it forward, placing the keyboard at a more comfortable angle. I found it to be especially useful at my local coffee shop since it put my PowerBook at an angle that prevented pinching my forearms on the edge of the table. Coffee shop tables are great for a tasty drink, but not so comfortable when it comes to writing or Web surfing on your Mac.

The AVIATOR positions your Mac at a more comfortable angle.

Since the stand positions your Mac closer to you, it should be easier to keep your Macis display open on flights when the person in the seat in front of you decides to recline.

The sides of the stand are designed to be positioned closer together for portable DVD players, and farther apart for laptops. When you get tired of working on a long flight, you can use the AVIATOR to hold up your portable DVD player instead. Since it lifts devices up off of the table top, your display sits a more comfortable height, too.

The three parts of the stand fit together easily.

The AVIATOR is simple to assemble and break down, and packs away flat so that it doesnit take up much space in your travel bag. Itis surprisingly durable and keeps your trusty Mac from slipping on the stand and on the desk or table thanks to strategically positioned rubber pads.

I was initially concerned that the small plastic dove tail tabs that hold the three parts of the stand together for transporting would break off easily, but they have held up under my not-so-gentle handling.

The AVIATOR packs up for traveling.

Despite the AVIATORis overall stability, it has a tendency to want to tip forward when placed on surfaces with a thin edge, like a glass table top. But even though it felt like the stand wanted to tip forward when I was typing, my PowerBook never took a dive into my lap. Tables with thicker edges, like the ones in my local coffee shop, hold the AVIATOR better, and I wasnit worried about it tipping or slipping.

The Bottom Line
If you use your PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, or MacBook Pro on planes or at desks and tables that arenit exactly comfortable, the AVIATOR repositions your keyboard and display so that they are in a more comfortable position - and itis compact size makes it a great addition for road warriors and around town laptop toters alike.

Product: AVIATOR Laptop Stand

Company: Keynamics

List Price: $19.99

Vendor Price: $19.99


Pros: Compact, portable, positions your Mac comfortably.
Cons: Doesn\'t feel as stable on thin-edge surfaces.