Goliath Will Make You Enjoy Using iDisk

Get Goliath... best thing to hit iDisk since... well... iDisk!
TMO Forum member "L0u13"
I have hardly ever enjoyed using my iDisk. For example, on Sunday, I discovered that Apple had uploaded several MP3 songs that I decided to download (what? No George Clinton and Barry White?). (You can find the files at Software --> Extras --> FreePlay Music after logging on to your iDisk.

Anyway, I went to search the music folders and got frustrated waiting for my iDisk to load up the selected folders. I ended up downloading nothing.

Then, tonight, I see a discussion on the TMO forums about a program called Goliath. According to Versiontracker.com:

Goliath is an application that creates and edits Web sites. It uses a technology called WebDAV (frequently called Web Folders) to make changes to the files stored on web servers. It is the first (and still the only) application to implement WebDAV on the Macintosh.
WebDAV is the protocol built into the more recent version of iDisk access.

The great thing about Goliath is that it allows you to access your iDisk contents far faster than the Finder ever has. All you have to do is fire up Goliath and then enter http://idisk.mac.com/your-iTools-name/ and your iTools i.d. and password in the respective fields, click "OK," but donit sit to relax, because youill miss a blazingly fast connection to your iDisk.

Apple should go and talk to the people over at the WebDAV community to discover out who wrote Goliath -- and buy it from them!

Goliath exists in versions for both the Classic Mac OS and for Mac OS X. You can view screenshots of both versions, or you can go ahead and download the OS X version and the Classic version.

Mucho gracias to TMO Forum member L0u13, who introduced us to Goliath in a discussion thread.

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