ProTouch keyboard protector

I admit to being somewhat of a clean freak, so products like the iSkin ProTouch keyboard protector naturally appeal to me. Fabricated from a flexible soft silicone and precision molded to fit over each key without affecting your typing, it protects your keyboard from crud both wet and dry. More specifically (according to its Web page), it will protect against food, dust, hair, dandruff, sweat, ketchup (and similar liquids), sand, spills, finger oils and dirt, key wear, and more.

Hereis what it looks like:

ProTouch fits my keyboard like a second skin, protects it from all the nasty stuff I just mentioned, doesnit bother me a bit when I type, and is washable to boot. I keep it on my keyboard at all times and canit think of any reason to remove it other than to wash it every few months. But it only takes a second to apply or remove if thatis how you care to use it.

The ProTouch keyboard protector I tested was for my MacBook Pro but it is also available for the MacBook, PowerBook, Apple Keyboard, and Apple Wireless Keyboard and available in colors including: Sonic (frosted blue), Eclipse (opaque black with printed keys), Arctic (frosted clear), Ghost (phosphorescent opaque
white glow in the dark with printed keys), and Blush (frosted pink).

The Bottom Line

What more can I say? The ProTouch keyboard protector does everything itis supposed to do and does it quite nicely. I have used it for months and itis saved my bacon more than once.

I recommend this product without hesitation.

Product: ProTouch keyboard protector

Company: iSkin

List Price: US$24.99


Pros: Protects keyboard from many perils, doesn\'t affect typing, washable.
Cons: None.