Razer Pro|Click v1.6 Mouse

Some Mac users need the highest level of precision out of their pointing devices, whether thatis a mouse, trackball, or graphics tablet, and thatis exactly what Razer is aiming for with its Pro|Click v1.6 optical mouse. The Pro|Click v1.6 is a 1600 dpi six-button mouse with a scroll wheel and USB interface. Each button and the scroll wheel are programmable, and since it has a symmetrical design, itis also ambidextrous.

When I first started testing the Pro|Click v1.6, the most difficult thing for me was keeping up with the mouse pointer. Since the high resolution sensor detects movement data to the tune of 5.8 megapixels per second, I quite literally couldnit see the pointer moving across my Desktop. A quick trip to the Pro|Clickis Preference Pane (via the substantially slower trackpad on my PowerBook) throttled the mouse down to manageable level.

The Razer Pro Preference Pane gives you complete control over the mouse.

For total control over this mouse you really do need to install its software. I tested mine with version 1.6.5, which is Universal Binary, and didnit encounter any odd system or hardware conflicts. The Razer Pro Preference Pane lets you program each button, and even includes a left handed/right handed option. That option mirror flips each buttonis function for your hand choice.

The button positions are nice, and the unit fit comfortably in my hand. Most multi-button mice have at least one button thatis flat-out in my way and has to be disabled. Thatis not the case with the Pro|Click v1.6. The side buttons are tucked away where your fingers can reach them, but not easily press them accidentally.

So... The obvious question: Why use a mouse that moves the cursor so fast that you canit even see it? The answer is precision. When you are working with large format graphics, and zoom in on part of the image, itis nice to be able to have absolute pixel-by-pixel control over your mouse movements. In enlarged image areas, that same movement that seems super-fast on your desktop becomes fine-tuned.

Since there are times when you want to take advantage of the Pro|Clickis super-high resolution, and other times when it isnit exactly practical, you can change its resolution on the fly. While you have your single-click button (typically the left mouse button) pressed, slide the scroll wheel up to increase resolution, and scroll it down to decrease resolution.

The Pro|Click v1.6 is shaped to fit most hands comfortably.

When the mouse is plugged in, its sides and scroll wheel glow blue. It has a cool techno look to it, and is just fine in well lit rooms. In dark rooms, however, the blue light can be a bit distracting. If your computer is in the same room that you sleep in, you may want to unplug the mouse before you go to sleep.

The Bottom Line
If you are looking for a high resolution USB-based mouse, the Razer Pro|Click v1.6 has you covered. The easily programmable buttons make this reliable mouse highly customizable, and its long USB cable means that it is usable even if your Mac sits below your desk. I was impressed, and thatis saying a lot, considering I prefer a trackball or graphics tablet.

Product: Pro|Click v1.6

Company: Razer Pro Solutions

List Price: $59.99

Vendor Price: $43.55


Pros: High precision, easily programable, equally usable for lefties and righties.
Cons: Although not overpowering, the blue glow can be distracting.