A Whiteboard For Your iPad - No Really!

Whiteboard HD for the iPad, by Avici Software, was released August 4, 2010. It requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later and is only available in English at this time. It is available for a limited time at the introductory price of $5.99 from the iTunes store.

The application allows you to make drawings with the drag of a finger, create work flow diagrams using pre-made shapes and lines with finger tap, pinch and drag multi-touch gesture controls. There are four background options, plain, lined, grids, or picture, and you can import images or diagrams from the iPad photo library. Labels and text boxes can be dynamically placed, sized, and oriented.

Using The App

I experimented with this app by trying out the workflow abilities and was instantly reminded of the “old days” when we did this kind of thing with a plastic template. I know there are some computer apps that will do this kind of thing, but the ability to create a workflow for a project on the iPad has got to be a bonus to a lot of people in the work environment. Particularly since you can instantly email the finished product to everyone who needs to have it.

Whiteboard HD Window - Chose Shape Example

Choose your shape by tapping on it and tapping in the location on the board where you want it placed.

Whiteboard HD Example - Add a Shape Example

Once it is placed, you can change the size by tapping the hand icon and the tapping in the center of the shape. You get the familiar dotted lines and corner items that let you enlarge or decrease the size.

Whiteboard HD - Change Shape Example

From there you create as necessary, adding shapes and lines. To add text, you click on the “T” icon.

Whiteboard HD - Work Flow Example

I also used the app in completely different way and it may be of even more interest to anyone to participates in meetings. Our Mac Users Group had a meeting last week and as part of our discussion we talked about our December meeting. We try and have lots of door prizes at that meeting and it is the responsibility of each board member to help bring in those prizes. Each board member made a commitment and I recorded it using Whiteboard HD. Before we even left the meeting I emailed a copy to each of them, and because I can retain my copy of the Whiteboard I created as long as I choose to do so, I will be able to send it out again as a reminder as needed.

Whiteboard HD - Work Example

To email using my iPad, I have to have email addresses listed in the Contacts app on my iPad. Since I do, I just hit the email icon.


Whiteboard HD - Email Example

I get this window, enter the appropriate email addresses and click on Send.

You also have about fifty fonts to choose from when enter text. Holding down the “T” icon will reveal the choices.

Whiteboard HD - Sample Text Options

There is one item in the app that I considered a problem because I didn’t know how to deal with it when it happened. When entering text there were times my text would suddenly all move to the right and only a few words would be visible. When I contact technical support, which provided very quick response time, I discovered that this element of the program was a design feature, but that it was causing problems for many users so it was quickly being addressed. Meanwhile, it was easily solved by tapping on the hand icon and moving everything back to the left.

Do I Recommend It

Absolutely. From the day I got my iPad I have taken it to meetings as a means of writing notes, checking out software someone mentions, etc. But for something like a board meeting it is fabulous. The secretary is taking notes of the whole meeting, but there are things, as president, that I need to follow up on personally. Whiteboard HD is perfect for that. The application itself is sturdy, tech support is good, and it does what it says it is going to do.  If you ever have need for a whiteboard then you should give this app a try.

Product: Whiteboard HD

Company: Avici Software

List Price: $5.99



Unique app provides the ability to brainstorm, plan, and take notes that can be emailed to participants for appropriate followup. Built in attributes give adequate flexibility for individual needs. 



Large work flow plans might take two or more pages to complete.