Ink and Slide: Adobe’s Stylus Revolution

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The Bottom Line

Adobe's Ink isn't just another pressure sensitive stylus, and Slide isn't just a gimmick accessory. Together they toss out the notion that styluses are just simple pointing devices for our iPads and usher in the idea of styluses as interactive accessories.

The design is great, they're both comfortable to hold and easy to use, Ink offers good battery life, and Slide doesn't even need batteries at all. The pair are durable and I'm not worried about either breaking in my bag, especially with Adobe's smart move to include a carrying tube for Ink.

Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch are great apps for showing off Ink and Slide's features, and once the APIs to incorporate support into other iPad apps are available the pair will become even more useful. Both perform great on an iPad Air, but marginally on a first generation iPad mini. In other words, the newer your iPad model, the better off you'll be.

While exporting options seem bountiful, they're actually fairly limited: no vector export option, and the only online service Line and Sketch support is Creative Cloud.

Ink and Slide are Adobe's first attempt at hardware, and it's clear the company spent a great deal of time working out how to make the best stylus they could. The end result is a stylus and ruler combo that looks good, feels good, and works great -- as long as you use compatible apps.

The real test is whether or not I'll keep using Ink and Slide, and the answer to that is yes. Absolutely. Ink and Slide have earned a place on my short list of go-to styluses, and they set a bar I hope other companies can reach.

Adobe is gunning to be the Apple of the stylus market, and they're off to a great start. As long as you're OK dropping $199 on an iPad stylus, Ink and Slide won't disappoint.

Product: Adobe Ink and Slide

Company: Adobe

List Price: $199



Great design, comfortable, durable, includes stylus carrying case. Customizable stylus light color is a nice touch. Creative Cloud makes moving drawings between devices easy.


Limited support outside Adobe Line and Sketch, poor app performance on original iPad mini. Stylus tip feels like plastic on glass. Routine re-logins for Creative Cloud are a big annoyance.

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super stars

I have ordered Adobe Ink and were waiting for shipment. I am eager to have the new fantasic stylus to have a trial with MyBrushes App on iPad.

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