Belkin Portable Tablet Stage is a Boon for iPad Presentations

The Belkin Portable Tablet Stage is an ideal accessory for anyone who teaches or makes frequent presentations using their iOS device. It folds flat for easy carry.  It works with all versions of the iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone—although it is most effectively used with an iPad or iPad mini.

Belkin Portable Tablet Stage holding an iPad.

The Tablet Stage is just short of 8 inches (20 cm) wide and 9 inches (23 cm) long. When closed, it is 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) high. It weighs 2.9 pounds (1.4 kg). The MSRP is US$99.99 and the product is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship, but for a duration that I couldn't determine from the packaging. Additional warranty information can be found here.

Tablet State in folded position.

The Tablet Stage is adjustable and once locked in place, the tilt of the platform can’t move until it is unlocked. There is a large green button on the base that locks and unlocks the tilt.

Two options for platform placement. Right one is for viewing paper docs w/ camera.

One unique feature related to the design of this stand is the ability to show paper images or information during your presentation without the need to copy and paste the information into an existing slide show. 

Belkin also has a free app called the Belkin Stage App that is designed to work with this stand, giving the user additional options such as the ability to sketch over the image on the screen, record live video, and present student work wirelessly using Airplay or a wired projector connection.

Using The Product

I tested the Tablet Stage in two settings. One in which a slide show was used to conduct a meeting. The second was in a training setting that allowed me to use paper images, viewed with the camera.  to support the training. During the first situation I was pleased to note that once my iPad was in place, it stayed in place and the platform was very stable. The surface on which the iPad sits is rubberized and my iPad did not move while in use. I also enjoyed the height provided by the stand. It was much easier to maintain eye contact with the audience with my iPad raised a comfortable 10 inches (25 cm) above the height of the podium.

In the second situation I was able to use paper information to provide the most current pertinent statistics available. The device must be moved to the right or left slightly off the stand so that the camera can point down. Any paper document placed on the bottom portion of the stand can then be projected onto the screen. This is not easy to explain so I used the image from the instructions that demonstrates this procedure and captured the screen image from the iPad. I was glad that I had practiced this demonstration ahead of time because I needed to change the direction of the iPad screen to make sure the camera was on the bottom. 

Example of incorporating a paper image or document into a presentation.


Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is well built and well designed. Those who frequently stand in front of groups making presentations using their iPads should find the Tablet Stage to be well worth the price. Plus, the ability to incorporate paper images or documents into a presentation will be a great time saver for some users.

Product: Portable Tablet Stage

Company: Belkin

List Price: US$99.99



Well designed and well built. Provides a stable platform for presentations using iPads. The adjustable platform allows users to arrange the Tablet Stand to best accommodate their needs. With a minor adjustment, paper images or documents can be incorporated into any presentation.


None noted.