Booq's Boa Shift Backpack Is Made For MacBook Users

The Boa Shift backpack from Booq has been completely designed around the needs of Mac users. There are roomy interiors, pop-out pockets on the shoulder straps, and the padded laptop compartment has its own zipper. It works with 13, 15 and 17-in laptops.

The Boa Shift backpack

This backpack is lightweight at 3 pounds (1.4-kg). The exterior is made of 680 denier ballistic nylon and has a water-repellent coating. The color is graphite. Like all Booq products, it is tagged with a unique item number printed on a metal tag affixed to the backpack. This is for loss recovery (more below).  The backpack also includes a limited five year warranty.

Sample serial number

The backpack measures 13.5 x 18 x 8-in (34 x 46 x 20 cm). On the exterior there are two side quick access slip pockets, one top-front zipper packet miscellaneous, two elastic pop-out pockets on the shoulder straps.

Inside there is a large main zipper compartment that holds everything from a mouse, to garments, to books, to an iPad. There are two document slip pockets, five lining slip pockets, one large mesh window pocket, a detachable key ring, and four pen slots. The second interior area is lined with soft Nylex and is designed to hold your laptop.

Using the Product

This backpack has a lot going for it. It's lightweight (until you fill it up), but then it balances nicely. Once I had it in place, it stayed secure on my back. It holds a lot of stuff, and the zippered compartments provide a nice safe environment for your MacBook and all the accessories.

The elastic pockets on the shoulder straps are a really nice touch. I didn’t think they would be much use as I couldn’t see myself reaching around in the back to grab my phone, but I was way off base with that assumption. The portion of the strap that holds the phone fits across the front of your body, and it is really easy to grab the phone when it rings. With phone pockets on both straps it works well for right or left handed users. The phone is very secure while in that elastic pocket. I had no concerns whatsoever about my phone falling out and yet it was easy to retrieve it when it range. The formation of those pockets is very well done.

Strap pocket feature

I also was pleased with the detachable key-ring. The very activities that cause one to want a backpack are the same activities that can cause you to lose your keys, that is, riding a bike, rushing across campus, catching a bus or train. It was very handy knowing exactly where to find my keys when I needed them.

The lost and found feature is noteworthy. The service is free, but the user must register the bag with Booq’s to activate the protection. A URL for this purpose is included with the backpack. Once you register your backpack, using the individual serial number attached to the bag, you have some security. It depends on someone finding your backpack and following the instructions to locate the owner. It’s not like “find my iPhone”, but it can be of help if the right person comes across your misplaced bag, and it is a free service.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is well made and well designed with several useful and innovative features. With an MSRP of US$149.95 it won’t be the best choice for everyone, but it is an excellent option for those who prefer quality and substance in the things they buy.

Product: Boa Shift Backpack

Company: Booq

List Price: US$149.95



Well made and well designed. Water resistant finish. Includes a serial number on a metal tag for registering. Handy phone pocket on strap. Works with all MacBooks.



None noted.