Braven's 570 Speaker: Music, Speakerphone & Charger for iPhone

The compact Braven 570 speaker allows you to use Bluetooth to wirelessly stream music from your phone. It also allows you to use it as a speaker and noise canceling microphone for voice conversations. Finally, it can recharge your phone or MP3 player.


Braven 570 speaker

Once the speaker has been connected to your phone via Bluetooth you can use it to answer, converse, and disconnect calls. It also has the ability to charge external devices that draw 0.3A - 1.0A (cell phones and MP3 players) using the built-in charge port. The Braven 570 has six watts of charging power and ten hours of playtime. It's available in six colors.

Color options

Each package includes a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB to Micro-USB cable. It measures 6.25 x 2.25 x 1.75-in (159 x 57 x 44 mm) and weighs 9.7 oz (275 g). There is a one year limited warranty.

An idea of the size of the Braven 570

Using the product

The first step to using the Braven 570 is to charge it using the USB to Micro-USB cable which is included. Be sure to turn it on using the On switch located on the right side and then hook it up to a powered USB port for up to four hours. Note: if you don’t turn it on, you can leave it plugged in for a week and nothing will happen. (I make these mistakes so you won’t have to.) When the power light turns off, the product will be fully charged. The unit will also beep loudly when the charge is complete.

To pair with a device, turn on the speaker, hold down the speakerphone button (which is also the pairing button) until the light blinks and the speaker makes a sound to let you know contact has been made. Then follow the Bluetooth setup directions for your device to complete the link. If asked for a code, use “0000”, but my iPhone did not ask for one.

End options

The Braven 570 is also designed to be used as a speakerphone. The unit must be turned on and the Bluetooth compatible phone must be setup to take a call. Press the speakerphone button to answer or to end a call.

You can control tracks and volume from the speaker using the play back buttons on the right side. Although I could not test this aspect, the specs say you can daisychain speakers.

The USB to Micro-USB cable can also be used to charge most smartphones. If you're using an iPhone, you'll have to supply your own USB to 30-pin or USB to Lightning cable.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. I like everything about the Braven 570. The small size is a real asset. For phone calls, I found that I can tuck it between my printer and my file baskets, a foot and a half or more away from where my iPhone is usually located on my desk, and speak, looking straight ahead toward my computer with my phone placed behind my left shoulder. Conversations are loud and clear and volume is controlled from the speaker. Music from my iPhone and audio from my iPod Nano are equally loud and clear when connected to the 570 by audio cable.

Product: Braven 570 speaker

Company: Braven

List Price: US$119.00



Compact speaker functions as a speaker, wireless music streamer, Bluetooth speakerphone with noise cancellation microphone, and charger for iPhones, iPods, and MP3 players.


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