BuQu Battery Case for iPhone 6 - Easy to Install and Remove

The iPhone 6 PowerArmour battery case from BuQu is light in weight at 3.7 ounce (91 grams), attractive, and it's a piece of cake to insert and remove the phone. The unibody construction provides good protection for the iPhone and has a matte finish that makes it easy to hold. The battery capacity is 2800 mAh. There is a power-saving on/off switch that can be used to conserve battery power.

PowerArmour battery case.

The sturdy cardboard package includes an audio adapter cable for use with headphones or speakers and a micro USB cable for charging. The package also includes information about the two year limited warranty and a URL for contacting the company. The case has an MSRP of US$79.99 and is available in black only. The Apple logo does not show through the case. The package has a flap that opens to allow a good view of the case. There is a small hole in the packaging that allows someone to feel the surface of the case. 

There are full cutout openings in the case that allow easy access to buttons and the camera aperture is large and blackened to absorb reflections. The opening over the ringer on/off button is deep enough to prevent accidental switching.

View of the openings.

Using The Product

I charged both my iPhone 6 and the battery case to full capacity and let them both run down during normal use to see how much extra battery power I could have. I did not run out of battery power for six and one half days. I use my phone for calls about four times a day. I text several times a day and I use the GPS function a couple times a week. I also take a few photos several times a week and have a specific game that I play a few times a week. I don’t watch video’s or listen to music on my phone. The amount of time someone else’s phone will stay charged will depend on their usage.

The reason it is so easy to insert and remove the case is a patented slide-lock mechanism that opens for insertion or removal and then snaps in place for use. It is a sturdy mechanism and I had no concern that it would not hold up to continued use. This mechanism allows the case to be of solid construction and prevents scratches from occurring while inserting or removing the phone. 

View of slide-lock mechanism.

The four LED lights on the back of the case provide adequate monitoring of the remaining power, and there is a power switch located next to them that can be used to conserve power.

Finally, the thinness of the case makes it very easy to carry around, and it fit nicely in my jeans pockets.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. It offers an easy to use, powerful battery for the iPhone case. The case is attractive and easy to carry. It doesn't weigh much but is very sturdy.

Product: PowerArmour battery case

Company: BuQu

List Price: US$79.99



Sturdy battery case is easy to use and provides good protection along with extra battery power. It is lightweight and has cutouts that make it easy to access buttons. It fits nicely in pockets and has a matt finish that makes it easy to hold.


None noted.