Chain of Thought iOS App Requires Quick Thinking


Jay Bacal has created an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch app that requires players to think quickly and match common words.

Chain of Thought is a free association word chain game A player starts with a lead word and must build on that word until five additional words, from the list provided, have been properly matched.  As an example, if the lead word is churn, the next word might be butter, and the following might be fly. To make it more challenging, each puzzle has two words to match.

The game is free. It is found in the iTunes App Store in the games category. It’s currently in version 1.0 and was released June 25, 2012. It is in English only, requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Additional in-app puzzles are available at US$0.99.

Players may play as a solo player, two players, or against on-line opponents. Players also have a choice between difficulty levels of easy, medium, or hard.

When a player starts a game the game window looks like the following image. The large question mark allows the player to get a hint. There are only so many hints available, and as you might expect, each round is more difficult than the preceding one. Players are able to win extra hints as the game progresses. 

Chain of Thought game ready to play

When one finishes one challenge, the screen will look like the following image.

One round completed

Using the Product

This is a fun game to play. The graphics are colorful and well done. The game works flawlessly and the word associations are very clever. They may include something from your childhood comics, famous television show references, or current events. You might have to match up hello and kitty, mosh and pit, or dance and fever along with other more expected word matches. I would think that fifth grade and up would be able to play although there are a few sexual innuendoes included in some of the puzzles. Each round is harder than the last and it is game that you can play, put down, and then play again later without losing value.

Do I recommend it?

I do. I love this game, but I also have to admit that I really enjoy word games. This one is well done and interesting. And what’s not to like about free. And one more thing, for those of you who like Six Degrees of Separation, there is a puzzle that links Kevin and Bacon.

Product: Chain of Thought

Company: Jay Bacal

List Price: Free. Additional in-app puzzles are US$0.99



Fun, creative game for all ages.


None noted.