Digital Treasures iPad Mini Props Power Case Includes a Battery

Digital Treasures has added to its line of Props Power Cases with the introduction of the Props Power Case for iPad mini.

Props Power Case for iPad mini

The case is a standard folio style design with tab closure, but it includes an 8000 mAh battery built-into the bottom of the case. The battery only adds about one quarter inch thickness to the case. The case is very well constructed. The outside is composed of a heavy duty plastic (that looks like leather in the photos but isn't) that features red stitching and the inside has a soft suede type lining that offers protection for the iPad mini. The following image gives a closeup of the case design. The case folds back to serve as a stand for work or viewing in the landscape mode.

Close up view

The battery connections are found at the outside edge of the case, even with the charging port for the iPad. The following image represents an iPad case rather than the iPad mini case as is evident by the 30-pin connector port on the iPad, but it is an exact representation of the layout of the mini case and offers the clearest picture available.

Battery Connections

The product includes a mini connector cable (USB) that connects the battery to the iPad mini's Lightning cable that is included with every iPad mini.

Mini connector works with iPad or iPad mini charging cable (30-pin version shown here.)

Using the product

It is easy to insert and remove the iPad and once inserted, and it feels secure and remains in place. The case holds its place when folded back for viewing or working and the tab closure stays in place when the case is closed, assuring that the iPad goes to sleep when the case is closed. (There is no developer mention of magnets, but closing the case certainly sleeps the iPad.) The tab closure also folds back out of the way when the case is opened for working or viewing.

The big question for a case like this concerns interference. Does the built-in battery interfere with Wi-Fi reception or connectivity? I can report that in my testing there was no interference noted. I tested it in my home environment and in public locations offering Wi-Fi and constantly received appropriate reception and connectivity.

The LED lights leave no doubt as to the availability of remaining battery power, and just in case there is any question, the case is marked to let you know when you have 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent power remaining. I’m not sure that is really necessary, but it is there.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It means another cord to keep up with, but, on the other hand, it means one less charger to carry around. The larger versions of these cases, the ones for the iPads, state that they have enough power to also charge your cell phone. That feature is not mentioned for the iPad mini version, but I suppose that in a pinch you could get enough power to make a call or two. (The iPad mini battery capacity is approximately 4400 mAh.)

Product: Props Power Case for iPad Mini

Company: Digital Treasures

List Price: US$79.95



iPad mini folio case includes 8000 mAh battery for recharging.


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