Dockem's iProp: Beanbag Chair for Your iPad

The iProp stand for iPads and other tablets is like your own personal, lightweight little beanbag. You can prop the iPad in numerous angles and it nicely balances on your lap when you want to be a couch potato.

iProp in black

The iProp is composed of a durable sports mesh that is made of breathable and washable polyester. Attached to it is a silicone shelf, about the size of a hand, to hold the tablet in place. The iPro is 5.9 x 5.9 x 7.1-in (15 x 15 x 17-cm) and weighs 0.46 lb (210g). There is a small leather handle attached to the top for easy carrying. It's available in black or silver. There is a zipper at the bottom of the iProp that allows you to remove the beanbag portion when you want to wash the outside.

iProp in silver

The MSRP for the iProp is US$39.99, but it is currently available from Dockem for US$29.99.

Using The Product

It is very easy to use this product. You just place your iPad on the shelf and adjust the body until you have an angle that you like. It is possible to have the iPad perfectly flat if that is desired.

iProp in use

It really will balance on your legs or tummy while you lay back and enjoy working or viewing. I tried it out in that position while playing a game that required constant touching and finger moving to see if the iPad would stay in place as I had arranged it. It stayed right where I had it balanced.

If the iPad has a slim case, it works well without removing the case. The shelf is approximately ¾-in wide and 4-in long. (1.9 by 10.2 cm.)

Do I recommend it?

I do. This is the first product that I have seen that actually rests comfortably while I am laying down (that old couch potato thing), and holds the iPad exactly where I have placed it. The price is also quite reasonable for the quality of the product. Currently, it is only available from the Dockem website.

Product: iProp

Company: Dockem

List Price: US$39.99



Easy to use iPad stand balances on surfaces or on your lap. Allows user to choose any angle desired. Holds iPads in slim cases and also works with iPhones. Available in two colors. Good price.


None noted.