Ergotech’s Versastand For iPad Is Rock Solid And Useful

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Ergotech has introduced the Versastand, a table top stand for an iPad 2, 3, or 4 that provides 360 degree rotation when needed and then folds to 1.5-in thick for portability. It offers fully articulating arms and is made of annodized aluminum. There is a one year warranty.


Versastand holding iPad

Versastand without iPad

There is a back cover that functions to hold the iPad in place on the stand, but it also easily also serves as a protective back cover for everyday use. A gray front cover, similar to the Apple Smart Cover, is also included and between the two, the iPad is protected front and back.

The stand, when not in use, folds flat. In its folded form it measures 9 x 3.25 (widest point) x 1.5-in (22.9 x 8.3 x 3.8 cm). It weights less than a pound (454 grams).

Stand folded for portability

Using the product

To use the Versastand just snap the back case over the iPad and then attach the back case to the stand. The system for attaching the two is pure artistry. Center the hole in the center of the back with the round head of the base (red arrows below) and squeeze the two points (blue arrows below) until the mechanism clicks in place. Reverse procedure to remove. You get a strong attachment that holds your iPad no matter which way you move it.

Package contents

The following short video, from the Ergotech website, offers a quick demonstration of how the Versastand works.


Do I recommend it?

I do. This is a quality product from top to bottom. It holds the iPad firmly and securely, rotates so that the screen can be shared, is made from sturdy material, is easy to use, includes a smart cover for front screen protection, and folds compactly for travel. It is a perfect tool for still photography, video’s and video chatting. It doesn’t offer much protection for drop damage, but it is almost impossible for it to fall face first when in use. Some may consider it too pricy at US$125.00, but I would pay that for it.

Product: Versastand

Company: Ergotech

List Price: US$125.00



Unique, sturdy iPad stand rotates screen for use and then folds for portability.


None noted.

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I’ve debated getting an iPad stand over the years since the device’s introduction (going on 5 years already, is it? Amazing), but so far have not.

My purpose in doing so would be to have the screen at eye level while working on large documents and using a keyboard - a quasi iMac thing. Over time, I’ve simply become increasingly proficient at working on even large projects using the virtual keyboard, so have thus far not purchased one. Once again, I’m debating doing this as I increasingly use the iPad for larger projects.

Are you able to say how this stand compares to any of the others that you’ve either reviewed or used? As I look at them, I don’t see much differentiation, but then, I’ve not played with any.

What I’d be interested in is one that is both sturdy and flexible, but at the same time, can be folded and carried on business trips, using the least amount of space and weight. Would that be this stand?

Many thanks.

Nancy Gravley

Of all the iPad stands that I have either reviewed or seen, I think this one most closely meets the needs you have outlined. It is extremely sturdy and flexible and does indeed allow you to focus your screen at eye level. It folds up nicely and the inclusion of both a back and a smart cover means you don’t have to carry along any other cases. I don’t hesitate at all to recommend it. I don’t recall reviewing any other stands that offered this particular feature.

Before publication I searched the Internet to see if anyone carried it at a reduced price, but found to my surprise that it was more expensive at third-party sites than at the company site, but those things can change so you may want to check that out before you buy.


Excellent advice. Many thanks.

John Taylor

I saw an amazing review on this product on CNET recently and i decided to buy one.  Once I got it I was amazed at how it made my iPad experience better.  I can watch my movies at the perfect angle and when I do Skype calls I am know hands free and the camera is not shooting up my nose.

If you have an iPad you need to get a VersaStand or two.  It is a well built stand that will last a long time.  Thanks VersaStad!

Louie Miller

The Versastand is available at with free shipping!

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