Hex’s New Watch Bands For Nano 6G Are Stylish

Oh goody, I get to do a fashion related product review. Hex, a maker of bags, cases, and watchbands, has released a new product, the Vision Classic Leather Watch Band.

Vision Classic Leather Watch Bands from hex

The watch band is available in four colors, white, black, tan, and gray. It is composed of high-quality genuine leather with top stitching trim. The tan has a beige topstitching. The others have matching color trims. The band is 10-in long. Fastening holes range from 7-¼ in. to 9-½ in. The MSRP is US$49.95. 

Inside view

There are two slots in the stainless steel clip plate to hold the Nano securely. 

View of the clip plate

Using the product

After looking at the illustrated directions (what a concept), it was extremely easy to both insert and remove my iPod nano 6. The watch band fastens securely and remains securely fastened throughout a day of normal use. There are 18 clock face options on the nano and the user chooses one in Settings. More than one have large numerals and many include the day and date.

Carrying a nano on your wrist is not a good option for music lovers. It doesn’t eliminate the need for earbuds. But for those who want to be able to check the news, stock, the time, or other kinds of information, it is very handy to have it readily available on your wrist and ready with a swipe of your finger. There are always those times when you want to flaunt the current price of Apple stock.

Do I recommend it?

I do. The watch band is well made and attractive. Both men and women should feel comfortable wearing it, even in the work environment. It’s not particularly heavy, even with the nano installed, and I liked the fact that the large clip plate keeps it from rolling around on my arm.


[Editor’s note: Apple has never acknowledged an iPod nano 7G. While the November 2011 release has minor internal differences, and some publications have refered to it as 7G, that’s not official.  This review refers to the Sep, 2010 and Nov, 2011 releases, which are outwardly identical. - JM]

Product: Vision Classic Leather Watch Band

Company: Hex

List Price: US$49.95



Attractive, well made band holds the Nano 6/7 securely.


None noted.