HooToo’s 7 Port 3.0 Hub With 2 Charging Ports Is Small, Compact

HooToo has introduced the HT - UH010, a new USB 3.0 Hub that also includes two charging ports, one suitable for iPhones (1 amp) and one suitable for iPads (2.1 amps).    

​HT- UH010 from HooToo

It is quite compact, measuring 5.71 x 1.73 x 0.91-in (144 x 43 x 22-mm), and includes an LED light to indicate power is on or off. 

Size comparison

The Hub comes with a 12V5A AC power adapter with an 8 foot cord and a USB data cable with a 3.3 foot cord. There is also built-in current surge protection. I noted that the charging ports do not support data transfer, and USB 3 ports do not support charging.

Package includes a USB data cable as well as a power adapter cord

The product has a one year warranty. The price in the U.S. is $44.99 from Amazon. In the United Kingdom the price is £32.96 and it is available from Amazon UK 

Using The Product

This is a plug and play device in the truest sense of the word.  The user connects the power converter to an electrical outlet and it is ready to go. The two charging ports are clearly identified, but the “charging section” is also set apart by a side-to-side silver line.

For testing purposes I connected an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air to the charging ports and also connected peripherals to each of the seven USB ports. I used a printer, a couple of thumb drives, a keyboard, an external drive, and a small speaker. All worked flawlessly.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. I like the efficiency of the combination of charging ports and USB ports and I particularly like the compact size of the product. The price is quite reasonable for a product of this kind.

Product: UH010 Hub

Company: HooToo

List Price: US$44.99



Compact size. Ability to charge an iPhone or iPad while also connecting peripherals. Generous length cables.


Charging ports do not support data transfer, and USB 3 ports do not support charging.