I-Mego’s Throne Poison Headphones Have Glorious Stereo

When I first saw the Throne Poison headphones from I-Mego I thought: wow. They are big and bold and reminiscent of the radio mics of the 1950’s. The Throne Poison design is chrome with muted purple. These headphones were designed for vocals and acoustics that suit classical or new age music.


Throne Poison headphones

Curious about the name Poison, I contacted Matt Altschul, President of US Operations for I-Mego. Matt replied "We came up with the name Poison because we felt it really fit the color combination -- the subtle gunmetal shell with the hints of the purple sneaking through the slits."

The wide headband of the Throne Poison is real leather. The cable connector is the standard 3.5 mm. There is a one-button music control with microphone that allows the user to take calls and control music volume directly from the headphones.

The ear pieces are large, measuring approximately 4.0 by 3.75 inches. The outer cushion that protects the ear is thick and soft and comfortable to wear. There is a two inch adjustment available in the length.

View of ear pieces

Using the product

The first thing of note is presentation. If presentation is important to you then you will be pleased by the appearance of this product when it arrives or you give it as a gift. It is packaged to provide the maximum protection for the product, but it also looks impressive right out of the box.

Product presentation

The first song I listened to just happened to be an oldie, Al Green’s recording of “I Feel Good”. The stereo coming through the headphones blew me away. There was such a clear differentiation between the backup and the singer. Next I looked for something more classical and chose some of the beautiful music from Dave Koz.  Again, the stereo effect was fantastic. The last thing I tried was placing the headphones on my desk, turning the sound up as high as it would go (on my Mac) and listened that way. The sound from the headphones was even from both speakers.

Do I recommend them?

I do. These are great headphones. They are sturdy with well made speakers and a thick leather head band. The sound is great. There is a matching set from I-Mego available in gold with black trim. Most of the specs are exactly the same, as is the price, but they are geared for rock, R&B, and hip hop. If interested you can find more information here


Throne Gold


Product: Throne Poison Headphones

Company: I-Mego

List Price: US$139.90



Great sound with beautiful stereo. Well designed and sturdy.


None noted.