id America's Wallstreet Case For iPhone 5/5s is Just Yummy

The Wallstreet case for iPhone 5/5s, made by id America, is made from real leather and offers a large card slot on the back.

The Wallstreet case for iPhone 5/5s

The case folds over the screen about ⅛-in so that the iPhone is protected when placed flat on a surface, screen side down. 

The case offers some protection for the screen

All of the openings for buttons, with the exception of the volume control buttons, are of ample size to allow for ease of use. The volume control buttons are covered, but very easy to activate because of the softness of the leather. The openings along the bottom of the phone are separated by small leather strips that hold the case in place. Because they are real leather, the strips are quite strong. The case will provide some protection if the iPhone is dropped. The corners of the iPhone are not completely covered, but what edge covering that is there is raised enough to provide protection if the phone is dropped on a corner.

Easy access to ports

The case is available in black, brown, orange, red, navy blue, and white.

Color options

Using The Product 

I have to say up front that I love, love this case.  I like the feel. I like the functionality, and I like the protection it provides. It is easy to insert and remove the phone, and yet, it provides a secure fit. It stays put when put in my pocket. I don’t worry about it slipping out because the leather is not slick. I also like the price. The MSRP is US$34.95, which is an excellent price for an all leather case. Good iPhone sound quality is also a component of this case thanks to the generous opening around the speakers.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. As I said, I love this case on several levels and feel that anyone who gets it will be happy with their choice. It is an attractive case, but the real beauty is in the soft leather.

Product: Wallstreet iPhone 5/5s case

Company: id America

List Price: US$34.95



Beautiful soft leather. Easy to insert and remove phone. Good access to ports and buttons. Available in six colors. It's sturdy and easy to carry in pockets


Cloaks most of the iPhone's native colors on sides and back. Corner protection only moderate. No warranty specified.