IDAPT’s Universal Charger i2+ Charges Almost Everything

IDAPT has introduced a new entry into it’s line of universal chargers.  This one, the i2+, can charge up to three devices at once.  There is a base unit which measures 4 x 6-in. and contains one USB port.  On top of the base unit are two charging points which will accept interchangeable tips, designed to fit any number of devices.  The company claims that number to be over 4,000. Each of the two charging points feature a quick release button that allows safe and easy ejection that should prolong the life of each of the tips.  An iPad can only be charged from the USB port built into the i2+ base.

The system also includes a power cable.  Cables are available for US, EU, UK, and Australia.


IDAPT Universal Charger i2+


The AC Input is 85-240 VAC, 0.2 amp, 50/60 Hz worldwide compatible.  The MSRP for the i2+ is US$39.99 from the company web site.

When the unit is ordered the customer has a choice of receiving a generic set of six interchangeable tips (miniUSB, microUSB, Sony Ericsson 2, Samsung4, iPod-iPhone, and Nokia), or they may choose a 4 pack of specific tips that will suit their individual needs.  There are twenty different tip options and additional tips may be ordered at US$9.99 with the exception of a tip that charges rechargeable batteries.  That particular tip is US$19.99.

Sample tips

Using the product 

This product is very easy to use.  Take it out of the box, plug it in, select the tips you want, put them in place, turn the unit on and it is ready to start charging.  Changing out the tips is equally easy.  You press the two quick release buttons and the tips pop loose and new ones can be inserted.

You do not have to have both ports engaged for the unit to work.  There is a light in front of each port that will change from red to green when your product is fully charged.  As stated earlier, the only way you can charge an iPad or iPad 2 is to use the USB port built into the base, but it recharged my iPad 2 very quickly at the same time it was charging my iPhone 4.

Do I recommend it?

I do, but recommend some thought go into a purchase.  The base is small which is good as far as the footprint, but that means you can only balance devices of a certain size on top.  A mini camera would work great, an older digital maybe not so well if you had something else to charge at the same time.  

If you have a large family with lots of toys then the generic box of tips might work.  At my house I only need Mac specific tips, so I would need to order a set of four to be able to get the tips I really need.  Well, maybe three Mac tips and the rechargeable battery tip.

It is fast, easy to use and sleek.  The black color fits in well with other things on my desk and probably on many others as well.  I think the price is reasonable as well as this seems to me to be a well designed and well executed product.

Product: Universal Charger i2+

Company: IDAPT

List Price: US$39.99



Universal device charger with changeable tips allows charging of multiple devices.  Will also charge iPads.


None noted.