Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is Clearly Cool

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The Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4 is one of the options Apple presented as a free case to iPhone 4 purchasers. I picked it and was very pleasantly surprised by the design and features.

This case is thin but durable and flexible plastic. There are two pieces included: the case itself and a small plastic stand that can hold the iPhone 4 at two different angles. The iPhone just snaps into the case, and it has openings to allow access to all controls and the 30-pin port. There is no anti-glare or other protective shield for the face of the iPhone, and I don’t think one needs to be included.

Incase Snap Case

The case is thin but seems strong

The small plastic stand is designed only to be used in landscape mode, say, for watching a movie. If the iPhone is inserted vertically, the stand is unstable, and the iPhone will tip over. A small card shows how to use the stand, and it’s clear how it’s designed to be used.

The case itself is remarkably thin. So thin, in fact, that with the case on, my iPhone 4 will still fit in my DLO belt holster. It’s a snug fit, but the iPhone still goes in and out easily.

Incase Snap Case -2

The included two-position stand is small but does the job

The case feels good in my hand, and the iPhone looks terrific when this case is on. More importantly, informal testing shows that it protects the iPhone 4 from that special spot on the left side where the antenna seam is. I held the phone in several ways with both hands and saw no signal degradation — unlike when the iPhone 4 is naked. (I’ve learned how to do the Death Grip.)

A nice feature is an anti-glare ring around the forward pointing camera port. This keeps the LED flash from reflecting into the camera lens. That’s incredibly thoughtful and smart.

The Bottom Line

This case is very expensive at $34.95. We can all guess what the cost is to manufacture a case like this. But mine was free, and if you still haven’t ordered your free case with Apple’s “Case Program” app, this is a good one. It looks great, snaps on and off fairly easily and comes with a small stand for watching movies, etc. Even if you pay for one, retail, it could be worth it because it’s so slim that it may still fit in your belt holster, depending on the holster’s gap around the iPhone 4.

Previously, I reviewed one of Incase’s cases for the iPad, and I was impressed with that product as well. Incase seems to be doing things right.

Product: Clear Snap Case for iPhone 4

Company: Incase Designs Corp.

List Price: US$34.95



Slender, clear and strong.  Included stand. Anti-glare ring around camera port.  All controls accessible.



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I got one of those too.  Before Apple decided to give them away, I ordered one from Ivyskin.  It is almost identical, but the back is even thinner.


would have been nice to see the phone in it…

I have bought several inCase products in the past, for just about every apple kit I have and have never been disappointed. Great build quality and craftsmanship.

John Martellaro

Websnap.  Well, um, the camera is *in* the iPhone.  wink
Anyway, what you want is here:
Four views.


No case of this kind is good, unless you want a scratched back. dust and grit always gets between the case and the phone and acts like sandpaper. The result is not good.

John Martellaro

In this case, (pun intended), the iPhone and the case are so flat that I could see what looked like multi-colored moire patterns in places. ( If that’s not the correct effect, let me know.)  That’s a good sign that the fit is snug, but time will tell if I get any grit in there. I’ll report if I do.


Is the plastic smooth & slippery or or does it provide a bit of grip? Is it TPU?


Just got the InCase Slider case. It too came with a stand. Just a simple piece of plastic but useful.

But so you know, if you turn the stand around it will hold the phone vertically just fine.


The Ivyskin case does not include a stand but does come with a cover for both the front and back of the phone.  I assume the back one is to prevent the problems MyRightEye mentioned.

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