'iPad and iPhone Kung Fu' Book is Loaded with iOS 7 Tips and Hints

iPad and iPhone Kung Fu - Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for iOS 7, by Keir Thomas, is written for beginner to intermediate iOS 7 users. It contains over 300 tips, each one written in a clear, easy to follow style that works for first time iOS 7 users as easily as it works for more experienced users who want to improve their efficiency and control over their iOS 7 experience.

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iPad and iPhone Kung Fu - Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for iOS 7
Author:  Keir Thomas
Editor: Jacquelyn Carter
Published: 2014 by The Pragmatic Programmers
289 pages
eBook + Paperback (US$24.00)
Paperback ($19.00)
eBook ($12.00)

This book explains everything from how to charge your phone, how apps work, and how to purchase apps, to detailed tips that will allow you to maximize your time and increase productivity. Both the iTunes store and Newsstand are explained, and, of course, the Internet is covered along with tips for accessing information. The book includes numerous color illustrations. Each tip is identified at the beginning of the book by name, and the list includes the appropriate page number. There is also a table of contents by topic.

The apps that comprise the iOS 7 family are explained, and distinctions are made between those that work on all devices and those that are only available on the iPhone. iCloud is explained in detail so that users know what their options are and how to access them. Gestures are covered, and the book explains how to use them and what each is for. The Control Center is also covered and includes information I wish I had been privy to when I first started using iOS 7. My experience would have been much more stress free than it turned out to be. 

The chapter on system configurations explains your options for each element of the Settings app and makes suggestions for setting preferences. For grins, there is even a list of fun things to ask Siri.

An example called Usability Tips and Tricks follows. This is typical of the information presentation.


From the 300 tips I have selected three as an example of the contents. The first concerns Siri since that feature is greatly enhanced in iOS 7. There are some fun and interesting things she will help you with.

1. Find Things

You can ask Siri to find the closest gas station, even ask for a specific brand and say something like “Siri, where is the closest Valero gas station?” Make sure you have turned on the location option on your phone, (Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Siri.)

If your settings are correct, Siri will tell you what you need to know.

Response to query (iPhone)

Then, if you need to do so, you can even ask for directions to the location of your choice.

There are even more driving options with the iOS 7 Siri. You can ask “How long until I get to my destination?”, or “When’s my next turn?”  

2. Correct a Miskeyed Calculator Entry

Have you ever miskeyed a number in the Calculator app on your iPhone?  Say I meant to enter 456,789, but I entered 456,788.  With most calculator programs your option for correcting this error is to delete the entry and rekey it. 

Miskeyed entry

But, with the Calculator app in iOS 7, you can delete the last numeral you entered by placing your finger on the LED number display and swiping left or right. Then you can key the correct numeral.

Deleted numeral

3. Let Siri Read It To You

There are times when Siri will look up things for you, then show them to you onscreen. As an example, the locations of the gas stations I mentioned at the beginning.  Rather than trying to read that information, you can ask Siri to read it to you. To make this work, tap the microphone image at the bottom of the screen and say “Read that back to me.”

Do I Recommend It?

I do.  I look forward to the release of any new book from Mr. Thomas because I know it is going to be packed full of interesting tips that are written in an easy to read style with easy to follow steps.

Product: iPad and iPhone Kung Fu

Company: The Pragmatic Programmers

List Price: US$12.00 (eBook)



Book (and/or eBook) for beginner and intermediate users is full of 300 tips that work for beginners and more experienced users. Clean, clear type and color illustrations provide a user friendly experience, and it's easy to locate tips by subject.


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