Jabra SP200 Speakerphone

The Jabra SP200 allows you to talk on your phone and keep both hands on the wheel. Assuming you are driving while you are using it of course. That's what its designed for: talking and driving. Maybe I should say driving and talking since driving should always be the primary focus.

Jabra SP200 Speakerphone

Jabra SP200 Speakerphone

The SP200 connects wirelessly to your cell phone and the receiver attaches to the sun visor with a large clip that holds it in place. It comes with chargers for your vehicle and for your computer with a USB cable. The company specs say it provides about ten hours of talk time and 23 days of standby on one battery charge. I have been using it for a month and have not had to recharge it yet. While I don't get too many calls while driving, I can attest to the standby capabilities.

As for the most important element -- sound -- this unit gets an "A" from me. It is clear; No noise, no echo, no static.

There is an on/off button which obviously helps save the battery standby charge life. There is a LED light that lets you know the unit is in working mode. There is a sound control dial at the top that you can access and turn without even looking at the unit. Once you turn it on and a call comes in, you tap a large button in the middle of the unit and answer your phone.

Aside from the good quality sound, here is the thing I like most about this unit: My phone rings and I hear it ring. I have ringtones set that let me instantly know who is calling by the individual ringtone. I can choose to answer the phone or let it go to voice mail. If I choose to answer after I hear it ring, then I push the button.

To place a call you need to pull over and place the call, but when the call connects, the Jabra takes over and you can continue the conversation using the unit. Place a call -- you know, like when your brother is FLYING his plane and you are DRIVING for two hours in the 105 degree Texas heat and you have to call him to see if he has landed so you can stop and pick him up at the airport. What is wrong with this picture? Also, I need a new ringtone song for my dear brother. Something suitable for little brothers who have airplanes and cause me trouble. Suggestions are welcome.

The Bottom Line
The Jabra SP200 is this is a very good product. It does what it says it will do. It is easy to use, small enough to hide when you get out of the car, has excellent sound, and is reasonably priced at $59.99.

Product: Jabra SP200 Speakerphone

Company: Jabra

List Price: $59.99



Easy to connect the wireless with your phone, really good sound, volume control, one punch button to talk and if you use ringtones, you can screen your calls without taking your eyes off the road.  


Not necessarily a con, but you can not place calls from the unit itself.