Just Mobile's New USB Battery Charger Goes a Step Beyond

Some USB battery chargers are just ho-hum with nothing special about them. But the Just Mobile TopGum 6000 mAh charger takes everything a step further. It has a magnetic charger stand with two input modes, dual outputs, a hideaway Lighting connector and even a gold color option in addition to silver and black.



I've seen and used various chargers like this. But what caught my attention was the extra thought put into the design of the TopGum.

Most notable is the Lightning connector on a strap that tucks away neatly into a gutter along the edge. The idea here is that if you're in a hurry and just grab the TopGum from its charger stand, you'll have everything you need—at least for an Apple device that uses a Lightning port.

But that doesn't limit the device because it also has a conventional USB output port. So if you have, say, a USB to 30-pin cable for older IOS devices, you can use that. This makes the TopGum handy for modern iPhones, but makes it usable for any device, not just one from Apple, that charges from a standard USB port. Best of all, you can even charge two devices at the same time with its total output capacity of 3.4 amps.

Here are the specifications.

  • Built-in Lightning cable.
  • Magnetic charging dock and two input modes: via the dock or directly with supplied USB-microUSB cable (5V/1.5 amps).
  • Dual outputs: Lighting cable (5V/2.4 amps) and also a USB port (5V/1 amp). Total simultaneous output: 3.4 amps.
  • 6000 mAh (22 watt-hours) capacity.
  • Expected battery lifetime: 1000 cycles.
  • Four LED charging and charge status indicators.
  • Protection from heat overload and circuit damage.
  • Available in black, silver or gold.
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces (162 grams). Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches (8.5 x 5.5 x 2.8 cm).

The built-in Lighting cable is nicely designed and blends in with the case making it almost invisible. I was impressed with the design and craftsmanship. In fact, the entire case of the TopGum exudes high quality and feel in the hand.

The Lightning cable is designed to tuck away,
so it's short.

Because of its design, however, that Lightning strap is fairly short. One does have to place the iPhone close and twist the strap. It seems a bit awkward a first, but I don't see a problem unless the constant twisting stresses the cable.

Using the Product

I especially liked the charging stand. So many other chargers are just lumps that lay flat on the desk, take up room, and pick up dirt. The charging stand keeps the handsome TopGum upright and visible and well ventilated. Because the magnet holds the TopGum in place on the small charging pins, you don't need to fiddle with attaching/detaching a cable. Just grab it and go.

The magnetic charging stand showing the charging pins. You can disconnect
the microUSB cable and direct 
connect to the TopGum.

The product page FAQ bears repeating.

  • Q: How can I recharge Just Mobile TopGum?
  • A: Besides the included dock, you can charge Just Mobile TopGum with the 10W or 12W USB power wall socket from Apple and via your computer's USB port.
  • Q: How long does it take to recharge Just Mobile TopGum?
  • A: It takes about 4 hours to recharge Just Mobile TopGum™ with 10W USB adapter, and about 8 hours with USB port from your laptop.
  • Q: How long does it take to charge my iPhone?
  • A: Just Mobile TopGum is able to juice up your iPhone up to 90% in about an hour.

The iPhone 6 battery has a capacity of 1810 mAh and for the iPhone 6 Plus, the number is 2915 mAh. Older iPhones are in the 1500 mAh range. And so you'll be able to charge an iPhone 6 Plus twice, an iPhone 6 about three times and an iPhone 5s about four times. You could certainly use it to charge and iPad, but the iPad Air 2 has an 7400 mAh battery, and so you won't be able to fully charge a depleted iPad Air 2.

Dual mode operation. The second port supports any device that uses 
a standard USB cable.

There is no carrying case included, and because the case is aluminum, I'd recommend a soft carry pouch to protect the finish. Unlike some chargers, this one has an on/off switch, and so you'll need to press a button to activate charging when you plug your device in.

Packaging and Docs

The packaging is well done. The outside of the box goes into considerable detail on the features. A front cover flap opens to display the primary usage mode on the left and a window to the product on the right.

In addition to the charger, also included is the charger stand, a 36-inch (0.91 m) USB to microUSB cable and a 4-page, very well done instruction manual that includes warranty, end-of-life disposal and contact information.

I was especially impressed with the attention to and technical accuracy of the metric units usage. Many companies gloss over that or don't do it well. It's a good sign the engineers and marketers are working well together.

Sizing It Up

Everything about the TopGum is better than you might have expected. The outer aluminum case design, the excellent hideaway Lightning cable, the magnetic charging stand, the two input modes and two output ports will preserve your investment in a well crafted, good looking, well documented backup battery.

Product: TopGum

Company: Just Mobile

List Price: US$79.95


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Built-in, hideaway Lighting cable. Second standard USB output port for other products. Simultaneous two-port charging up to 3.4 amps. Magnetic charging dock that can be easily bypassed if necesary. Heat and circuit overload protection. USB to microUSB cable included. Good documentaiton. One year warranty.


None noted.