Kensington PowerBolt Micro Car Charger

Kensington has just released a new product set that allows you to charge and sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod in the car.  

PowerBolt Micro Car Charger

Those who are accustomed to the large accessory pieces that fit in the cigarette lighter of most cars and measure approximately 3.5 inches in length, will be pleasantly surprised by the Micro Car Charger. It is only 1.5 inches long. Like its larger counterparts, it has a USB port in the end so the detachable USB cable can be connected. It also has an LED power indicator.

I have owned cars in the recent past that had the cigarette lighters tucked down inside compartments in such a way that the larger connectors would not work because they would not fit. I know that the idea was to help you hide your precious electronic gadgets, but it didn’t do any good if you could not charge them. This unit would have worked perfectly in my previous car and others like it.

The cable offers 2.1 amps and includes the standard connector for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, and most iPods.

The Bottom Line

I really like this set. I like the size because it will fit almost every car and it is easy to tuck it away when you are out of the car.  In my car it fits in the door pockets. It is reasonably priced and in addition to having a way to charge your various Apple products in your car, you also have a backup charging and syncing cable when you need one.

The Basics

Manufacturer: Kensington
Product: PowerBolt Micro Car Charger
Price: $24.99
Release Date: April 1, 2010
Colors: Black
Compatible With: iPad, iPhone (all models), iPod touch, iPod nano (all models), iPod classic, iPod mini, iPod (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th gen)
Warranty: 2 years

Product: PowerBolt Micro Car Charger

Company: Kensington

List Price: $24.99



Micro car charger and detachable charging and syncing cable provide 2.1 amps of power. Size allows it fit the cigarette lighter of most cars and it works with iPhones, iPods and iPads.



None noted.