LapDawg’s X-4 Laptop Table is Unique And Useful

LapDawg has introduced the X-4 Aluminum which converts from a flat, easy to store unit into a 20-in tall TV tray, a breakfast tray, or a laptop tray. Other configurations are possible as well.

X-4 Aluminum in stowed position (LapDawg)

The arms rotate 360°, operate with push buttons, and the joints auto-lock. The push buttons have degree marks so it is easy to obtain exact settings. Both sides of the anodized aluminum tray can be used. One side has a rubber stopper and the other has a curled bottom edge. The unit weighs 5.29 pounds. The MSRP is US$89.99. There is a life time warranty against defects.

Push button rotation (LapDawg)

The tray, which has an anodized aluminum surface with grooves to prevent slippage and overheating, is 15.25 x 9.5-in. Each arm is 12-in. There is an 18.25-in span between the arms.

Using the product. 

I followed the enclosed directions and put the X-4 into the TV tray, breakfast tray, and laptop tray configurations. Other than the fact that I can’t tell my left from my right, the different configurations were accomplished very quickly. The thing I liked best is the push buttons with the degree marks. There was no guessing required. The directions said put the first arm at 90°, I put it there and it locked in place.

Once each configuration was complete I found them to be sturdy, solid, and stable. Following are photos of three configurations.

TV tray configuration (author)

Breakfast tray configuration (author)

Lapdawg bed pos.

Bed tray configuration (LapDawg)

The breakfast tray configuration can easily be modified to serve as a desktop stand for a laptop computer.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. At US$89.99 it is an expensive purchase, but it is well built and well designed and has multiple uses. It is the best version of this kind of product that I have seen.

Product: X-4 Aluminum

Company: LapDawg

List Price: US$89.99



Versitle, sturdy, and strong.


None noted.