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Every now and then an app will be released that is so simple, that many of us wonder why the feature is not already included in Apple’s default camera app? Snap Clap makes that distinction whilst ensuring group photographs are easily captured. Simply clap your hands when ready to capture the photograph and after a predetermined duration, between two and six seconds, your photograph will be captured. There is no longer any excuse for you not being included in your family photographs.


Snap Clap For iOS


  • Take pictures with the back and the front camera
  • Capture pictures in both landscape and portrait modes
  • Set the timer

  • Crop photos to your own liking

  • Share your photos with friends via E-mail, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter

Using Snap Clap

When you first launch Snap Clap, you will be presented with a view that is reminiscent of all other photo apps on the iPhone.

You can swap from the front to rear camera on command, and when using the rear camera you can assign the flash to be set to Automatic, On or Off. Portrait and landscape orientations are also supported.

After setting your iOS device on a stable surface, simply clap and after a preset period of time the photograph will be captured. The timer can be set in the app preferences and you are able to select between two, four or six seconds duration.

These durations offer a decent variety of time, but it would be nice if you could set customized durations. Although, after the first photograph has been captured, you can clap again to take another photograph.

Snap Clap For iOS - Settings

Settings And Overall View Of The User Interface

Staying within the Settings area, you can also assign a grid alignment for the display as this feature is deactivated by default. The other option available to you is Manual Sensitivity. This option will allow you to customize how sensitive the app is to recognizing the clap sounds. You can simply adjust the slider, until you reach a suitable sensitivity level.

In testing I found the default option was perfectly adequate, but depending on your surroundings this may vary.

Other than these features, Snap Clap has its own Library for captured photographs. From here you can view, crop, delete and export to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or E-mail.

The photographs, unfortunately, cannot be added to the Camera Roll. This is a major limitation that needs to be addressed by the developer. Although, depending on your usage, the output options are likely to suit most requirements, especially if you want to export to social networks.

What I Did Like

Snap Clap is a simple app that undertakes a single task and does so well.

Clap to capture a photograph allows the whole family to be included in the photograph. This should be a compulsory addition to Apple's camera app.

What I Didn’t Like

Whilst the preset time durations are adequate, it would be nice to have the option to enter custom durations.

There is no opportunity to export captured photographs to the Camera Roll. This severely limits the flexibility of the app, unless you are happy with sharing via E-mail and social networks.


Snap Clap is a simple app for iOS that ensures no family member will ever be left out of an important photograph again.

Whilst simple in approach, it performs as advertised and is reasonably priced at US$0.99.

It would be of increased value should the developer include the ability to export to the Camera Roll and allow customizable durations.

Product: Snap Clap

Company: David Sproch

List Price: US$0.99



Simple and elegant app that performs as advertised, very useful functionality not found in the default Camera app.


Inability to create custom timers, no export to the Camera Roll.

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Just downloaded this app based on your review and it doesn’t work.  I clap and nothing happens.  I tried adjusting the sensitivity control and still doesn’t work.  I deleted, rebooted, reinstalled and still nothing happens when I clap my hands.  Doesn’t matter if I’m using front or back camera; landscape or portrait.  It doesn’t work!

FYI, I have an iPhone 5.


If you like that, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera app.  My favorite feature is the “Wait for a Smile”, so the camera won’t take a picture until you smile.

Mark Greentree

Marcus: Thank you for the feedback. I will pass this information onto the developer and advise of their response. Could you please forward an email to me with your contact details so I can also forward that to the developer. You can use the form on this page: Greentree

Peter: The “Wait for a Smile” option sounds very interesting. How does it perform with more than one person in the photograph at a time.

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