Mediadevil’s Easyscreen Screen iPad Protector Is Unusual

Mediadevil has made a believer out of me when it comes to screen savers for my iPad 2. Their screen saver is called Easyscreen and the unique feature is the Easyscreen uses no adhesive to stick to the viewable area of the iPad screen. The adhesive is used around the Easyscreen border, which is colored to ensure that any air trapped under the adhesive border is not visible.

Easy Screen

The Easyscreen is available in ten colors. The MSRP is £16.97 (US$22.09) and it is only available from the company website. The surface is anti-glare matte finish.

Easyscreen available colors

Using the product

I have never liked screen protectors — not for my phones nor my iPads. They kept my screens clean, but whatever I used with them, be it my finger or any number of stylus brands, they always caused dragging, which I found very annoying. Also, I never could apply them without leaving bubbles.

The Easyscreen does not cause that problem. Perhaps I need to backtrack a bit and explain that when you open the Easyscreen package you receive the product just as seen in the first image. There is a protective backing on it that is removed when you are ready to apply. To apply, you just line up the holes, remove the backing and then place the Easyscreen on the iPad, walking your fingers around the colored portion to make sure the adhesive seals properly. It can’t tear or fold during application.

What you have is a sealed screen saver with no adhesive anywhere on your screen. It can easily be removed at any time, leaving no markings or residue.

Using it is a dream. It works particularly well with the Mediadevil Magicwand Stylus, but is works equally well with a finger and other brands of stylus. The colored band does not interfere with iPad screen space, but you do need to be comfortable with that addition to the style of your iPad.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is the first screen protector I have been willing to use. I sometimes read on my iPad for three hours at a time, so a screen protector that doesn’t work well gets discarded quickly. This one is a keeper.

Product: Easyscreen

Company: Mediadevil

List Price: £16.97 (US$22.09)



Excellent screen saver for iPad2


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