Nbryte's Tablift Can Stand Up Your iPad Almost Anywhere

Nbryte has introduced an iPad stand that they call the Tablift.  It has four adjustable legs that allow several placement options. It also has three tilt options so that it's easy to view your iPad while you are lying flat on your back or in a semi or full seated position.

Tablift iPad stand.

The Tablift is adjustable because each of the four legs is bendable. The legs are made of gooseneck material which is a dual spring-in-spring design. One provides flexibility and the other provides stability. They are then encased in a vinyl covering. As a comparison, think of a gooseneck lamp. These legs work the same way. Plus, there are three position adjustments built-in to the iPad holder.

View of Tablift legs.

This product works well on a soft surface, such as a bed, because each leg can be placed in such a way that it remains stable. It just takes a few moments to achieve the perfect placement. Each leg is 14 inches (36 cm) long from the base to the end, but it is important to note that the legs are actually two pieces with the base attached over the middle.  That eliminates the fear that one leg might break off after continued use. The device weighs 1 pound, fifteen ounces (880 grams). It is available in black only and has a limited one year warranty. The MSRP is US$59.95, and it is available from the company web site

Stand may be successfully used in bed

The Tablift works with both the iPad (any version) and the iPad mini. However, the iPad must be removed from a case for it to fit. When using it with a regular iPad, the iPad must be in horizontal position. When using it with the mini, it fits with the mini in a vertical position, but I tested it to see if it would work with the mini in a horizontal position and discovered that it can easily work that way by twisting the fastener, which is elastic shock cord, through the hole so that it fits securely. Once in place, the devices are held securely no matter the orientation.

View of stand with iPad mini in horizontal position.

Using The Product

It is very easy to use this stand, and it is particularly nice when viewing a movie or video and when interacting with FaceTime or Skype. Typing, while laying in bed, doesn’t work all that well because a soft surface is a soft surface and the stand will rock. However, here is a nice tip for parents of toddlers. If you use an iPad to entertain a toddler while potty training, this stand is perfect to hold the iPad at face height. The legs spread enough to fit over both the child and the potty chair. It is actually the only thing that I have found that works perfectly for this situation.

Almost since the iPad first came out, I have used a stand that fastens to my headboard and allows me to read or play games while lying in bed. The one disadvantage to that kind of stand is that it can only be used while fastened to the headboard. This stand can be moved around and offers placement options that the headboard style simply can not match. The only advantage to the headboard style is that it is always in place and doesn’t really require adjustments.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is versatile and very sturdy and should provide the user with a long life-span. It also is usable with various versions of the iPad and the iPad mini.

Product: Tablift

Company: Nbryte

List Price: US$59.95



Sturdy stand is adjustable and flexible. It is well made and offers several options for tilt and placement and it works with both iPads and iPad minis.


Cases must be removed from iPads and iPhones to allow a secure fit.