NZXT’s Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler Is Unlike Any Other

The Cryo E40 from NZXT is a most unusual notebook cooler. There is a top and a bottom and in between those two pieces are two 80 mm moveable fans that are held in place by low-powered magnets. The user locates the two fans so that they pinpoint the hotspot locations for their specific computer. The fans can be moved as many times as necessary.

Component pieces of Cryo E40

The top piece is mesh and the bottom is a heavy plastic, and the two pieces easily snap and unsnap as needed. There are two holes in the bottom piece so that users can run the USB cable either to the right or left depending on the location of their USB ports. There are four rubber feet and there is a four percent incline to facilitate comfort.

USB cord cut outs

The Cryo E40 works with any notebook computer up to 15 inches. The MSRP for this unit is US$27.99 and it is available from the company website and several big box stores. It is available in black only.

Using the product 

This product is very simple to use. There are directions included in the packaging, in several languages, but after glancing at them once, I did not need to reference them again. Although the fans are held in place by magnets, they are not difficult to move around. The Cryo E40 can run attached to your Mac, but it also runs perfectly fine attached to a USB hub. I particularly like the ability to run the USB cord from either side of the unit. It is very easy to open and close the two pieces of the unit.

Cryo E40 ready to use

I have a lot of stuff on my 15 inch MacBook Pro. I have eight GB of RAM and a one TB SATA Disk, so keeping my Mac cool is an important concern for me. I tested this cooler over a two week period and have been very pleased with the results, particularly considering the price. I was not sure it would work as well as it has.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. I am very pleased with it and can recommend it as a good alternative for anyone who wants an inexpensive fan-cooled stand.

Product: Cryo E40

Company: NZXT

List Price: US$27.99



Inexpensive notebook cooler works and is versitle. 


Doesn’t work with 17-in Macs.