Octa Lynx Grips iPads and Clamps to Just About Anything

Octa has added to its line iPad stands with the introduction of the Lynx.  Although it provides a strong, flexible neck and 360 degree rotation, it is also quite short, measuring just 5 inches (12 cm) from tip to tip.

Lynx iPad holder, attached to a pole surface.

One end fastens to the back of the tablet. In some cases it will also fasten to hard cases. The other end clamps to a flat, round, or irregular surface with an adjustable clamp that opens to a maximum of 2 inches (5-cm).

Lynx clamp.

The Lynx comes in three pieces which makes it easy to travel with in. It also makes a very nice, professional presentation with the packaging that accompanies it. The top of the package opens like a book cover which displays the product components nicely. You can’t actually touch the parts while it is still in the package because of the plastic covering.

Lynx package with top open.

The Lynx will clamp to a desk or table, a tripod, music stand, mic, exercise machine and any other surface that fits within the clamp. It can even be fastened to the side of a claw-foot bathtub if the side is not too thick. The jaws of the clamp are made from rubber so there is no concern about scratching the surface. Once fastened in place, the strong neck can be rotated 360 degrees and if properly installed, it proves to be quite steady and remains where placed.

Using the Product

It took me about half an hour to put the Lynx together. I suspect that was more my problem than the product design. There are written instructions, with images, included. Once I figured it out and started testing it, I found it to be sturdy, easy to move from one surface to another, and as flexible as anything only five inches long can be. Octa produces several products that utilize the flexible neck design and they seem to have it well defined and engineered. The clamp has a hinged design so that the user adjusts the hinge to open or close. It is very easy to use it.

Three components of the Lynx.

I tested this product on a lot of surfaces — tables, counter tops, music stands, poles made from wood and plastic, and on the arm of a wheel chair. It worked perfectly in all those settings. The wheelchair I used had arms that were fairly narrow. People wanting to use it with a wheelchair should measure and make sure a clamp will work with the arms. Sitting in the wheelchair I had adequate access to the iPad. It was not sitting directly in front of my body, but when fastened to the right side (I’m right-handed), I had no problems using the iPad and watching a video.

Lynx fastened to an uneven surface.

I also tested it using an iPad 2, iPad Air, and an iPad mini. It worked equally well with all of them. The device fastens to the back of the product using rubberized clamps that can be removed with the touch of a button.

The Lynx has an MSRP of US$99.99 and a one year limited warranty. The separate parts are interchangeable with other similar products from Octa.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. Some might consider it to be pricy, but this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. The product is extremely well designed and well made and will hold up for years, continuing to work with different versions of the iPad or other tablets. Although there are numerous stands on the market now, this is the only one that I have seen that has such a short arm—which has advantages for some.

Product: Lynx iPad Stand

Company: Octa

List Price: US$99.99



Works with iPads and other tablets. Adjustable clamp allows it to be used on multiple surfaces. Well designed, made and sturdy. Soft rubber claps work on all iPad sizes and prevent scratches.


None noted.