Omniverse Carry Case is Great For All iPads

The Omniverse iPad Case is a wonderful carrying case that fits all versions of the iPad. It’s quite well made and doesn’t miss a feature. 


Omniverse iPad Case 

The case is very sturdy, and comes in red, green or black. It fits any model iPad made and offers a level of protection and a wealth of features I’ve yet to see in any iPad case. The outside of the case is made of a Silk Fiber material that looks shiny, and the stitching is excellent. It has extemely well sewn on nylon handles with a padded snap on cover that makes the case more comfortable to carry and adds a a layer of protection. When it’s snapped together, it would be hard for the iPad to fall out of the case, even if the zipper is only partially zippped. 

Outer Case

A virtue of the Silk Fiber material is that it’s water and dust repellent. I wouldn’t call it waterproof, but if you get caught in a rainstorm no damage will be done. The slippery feel makes it easy to wipe off dirt and dust. The dual zipper pulls have large rubber pulls making them easy to use, and the zipper is of a very high quality. This is the sort seen in premium luggage, and this case will offer years of utility. There are openings on both sides of the case the width of the handles that will let you tuck away the handles if you don’t want to use them. There is also a case sized space to hold papers or accessories. Anything kept in the pockets is secured by sturdy velcro.

Inside the case

The inside of the case is made of thick padded memory foam that hugs your iPad.  And since the foam is configured in a wave pattern, it will dissipate shock by evening out the impact. This layer of protection is quite welcome, and I haven’t seen its equal in any other iPad carrying case.

Tabs hold the iPad in the case

When the case is opened, you’ll find four flexible nylon tabs that wrap around an iPad securing it to the case. This not only adds yet another level of security, but it makes the case amazingly useful since you can use the iPad without removing it from the case. None of the screen is obscured by the tabs. This is the one case that will house my new iPad any time I leave my home. I recommend it very highly.

Pros: Reasonable price. Extremely sturdy, high quality zipper and handles, pocket for storage, water, dust and dirt repellant. iPad can be used in case when opened, memory foam adds protection, usable with iPad 1,2, or 3.

Cons: None found

Product: Omniverse iPad Case

Company: UNIEA

List Price: US$39.95



Extremely sturdy; high quality zipper and handles; pocket for storage, water, dust and dirt repellant; iPad can be used in case when opened; memory foam adds protection


Non found