PhoneSuit's Elite 5 iPhone 5/5s Case And Battery Has Extra Features

PhoneSuit has added an iPhone 5/5s battery case to its existing line of battery cases for the iPhone 4/4s.

Elite 5 Battery Case

The new Elite 5 battery case works with the iPhone 5/5s. It features pass through charging which allows the user to charge both the iPhone and case simultaneously utilizing the micro USB cable which is included. The charge is equipartitioned between the case and the iPhone.

This battery case features a 2100 mAh battery. (The iPhone 5s battery is rated at 1440 mAh.) The case is made from a polycarbonate composite and has a scratch resistant coating. The edges are seamless which allows for better igidity.

Using The Product

The first thing you notice about this case is that it is sleek. The seamless rounded edges suit the iPhone 5/5s design. It is very easy to insert and remove the iPhone via the top piece of the case which pulls apart. The built-in lightning connector is firmly placed, and the openings for the camera and buttons are large and easy to use. 

Inside view

You can easily see the speakers which is a feature missing from some cases. The volume and clarity are significantly better because of this, as is the speakerphone sound.  The access to the audio jack is comfortably large which makes it easy to insert earphone jacks. There are five LED lights to monitor power status.

Back view

This product comes attractively packaged. The case fits comfortably cushioned in the package and a cover is included that may be lifted to view the product.

Open package

Do I Recommend It?

I do. I like this battery case very much and find it to be superior in several ways to the similar Mophie battery cases. The looks certainly get your attention, but the other features (audio jack access, uncovered speakers, large camera opening) are equally impressive. The iPhone feels securely placed within the case. In my testing I was able to charge my phone from five percent to 100 percent in one hour and fifty minutes from the previously charged case.

The PhoneSuit Elite 5 has an MSRP of US$99.95, but I found it on Amazon  at prices ranging from $60 to $70.

Product: Elite 5 Battery Case

Company: PhoneSuit

List Price: US$99.95



Attractive, rigid and sturdy. Easy to insert and remove iPhone. Scratch resistant. Charges in less than two hours. Open speaker access allows for good, clear sound. Sleek design.


None noted.