Power Practical's Lithium 4400 Is a Battery Charger and Lantern

The Lithium 4400 Battery Bank is a handy, hand-size rechargeable battery from Power Practical. It also provides a white LED lantern with the flick of a switch.

Lithium 4400 battery charger

It charges an iPhone up to three times between charges and on average it can charge a smartphone in 60-90 minutes.

Included with the battery is a 3-in-one cable that includes a USB connector, a micro connector, and a mini USB connector. It does not include an Apple Lightning connector.

3-in-one cable

The Lithium 4400 can be recharged via any computer or electrical outlet with which you can access a USB port. The storage is 4,400 mAh, and the output is 5 watts. The dimensions are 3.5 x 2 x 1-in (8.8 x 5.1 x 2.5 cm). The weight is 4.2 oz. (120 g)

Using the Product

The best feature about this battery charger is the availability of the large LED lights that make a very nice flashlight. In a closed bathroom size room in the dark, I was able to easily see every aspect of the room when the flashlight was turned on.

I also like the fact that it easily fit in my hand and in my pocket or bag. With the Lithium 4400 at half charge, I was able to recharge it in less than three hours with it just connected to my computer. Once at full charge, I was able to charge my iPhone 5s from ten percent to full charge three times. For me, that means I could be away from home without easy access to electricity for over a week and still have full use of my phone since my iPhone 5s only needs recharging every other day.

Using the flashlight will consume battery power, thereby decreasing the amount of power remaining for iPhone charging. The following table compares use of flashlight to amount of battery power remaining. Battery full life is approximately 30 hours. Each hour of flashlight usage consumes about three percent of the battery.

Comparison table

Thus, after using the flashlight for four hours, it will still be possible to charge an iPhone twice.

The packaging is nothing special. It provides a good insulated package for the battery and clearly shows the product, but it does not present as anything fancy for gift giving. Still, at the price, it is a good bargain.


Do I Recommend It?

I do. I think the inclusion of a good, bright flashlight makes this a good choice for a battery charger and the charger itself works well. For its size, it has excellent recharging abilities.

Product: Lithium 4400 Battery Charger

Company: Power Practical

List Price: US$59.00



This 4,400 mAh battery fits easily in a hand and includes an very good LED flashlight. It will recharge an iPhone three times between charging. A 3-in-1 cable included.


Does not include an Apple Lightning connection on the included 3-in-1 cable.