Powis iPad iCase Offers Style and Consequence

The new Powis iCase for iPads comes in Spanish Leather, is stylish, and provides excellent protection for your iPad. Oh, and there is one more thing.

This iPad case, released November 17, 2010, is a well designed and attractive case. It is sturdy and lightweight. It is a book style design and the iPad snaps into place on the inside.  

It’s held closed with a movable hand strap that can also be used to help secure your hand to your iPad when you are carrying it. There is a folder flap on the inside of the front cover that allows you to carry a few business cards. 

The premium case is made from Spanish leather and it is available in red, black, and brown. I have seen both the red and the black and both are very attractive. There are other choices and prices as well.

  • Premium leather Powis iCase: US$79.95 
  • Lightly textured leather Powis iCase: US$59.95 
  • Patterned Powis iCase on printed laminated cover: US$49.95 
  • Custom designed Powis iCase: US$69.95 

Cases can be personalized with a name or logo for an additional US$9.95. Currently the only place to purchase this product is from the Powis web site although it should be available in retail locations soon.

Powis iCase for iPad Front View

Powis iCase for iPad Inside View

Powis iCase for iPad Back View

Using the Powis iCase

Once I snapped my iPad into the case I felt like it was very securely held. It was firm and tight in the case. The strap can be easily out of the way on the back side of the case or easily pulled around to the front to securely close the case. 

There are nine viewing positions with this case, made possible by the built in stand on the back side of the case. It folds flat when not in use. The stand works just fine, and I was able to easily use my iPad in all the positions illustrated in the following images.

Powis iCase for iPad 9 Viewing Positions

That “One More Thing”

There is something unique included with the Powis iCase. When your iPad is installed in the case, it is slightly elevated off the case back. On the left side of, and under your iPad, next to the case fold, you will find a piece of pull out plastic. Wrapped around it is a screen cleaning cloth. I think that is brilliant.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. I think it attractive, well made and gives good protection to my iPad. Considering it is made from leather, I think the prices are reasonable and I like the fact there are less expensive options. As noted, I am particularly pleased with the enclosed screen cleaning cloth.

Product: Powis iCase for iPad

Company: Powis

List Price: US$79.95



Sturdy, attractive iPad case holds an iPad securely and provides several options for styles and colors. The inclusion of business card holder and screen cleaning cloth are nice extras.



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