Schosche’s goBAT 11 Provides Double Duty Charging Service

This sleek new product from Schosche, called the goBAT 11, will charge or provide backup battery power for two of your iOS products at the same time using an internal 5000 mAh Lithium polymer battery. Four blue LED lights let you know how much battery life remains in the unit when it’s plugged into a power source. It takes 6 to 8-hours to fully charge the goBAT 11.

Scosche’s goBAT 11

As an example of the power, a drained iPhone 4 can be charged 2.6 times with a fully charged goBAT 11. There are two USB charging ports that can be used at the same time. One is a 2.1 amp port that will allow you to recharge the iPad. The other is a 1.0 amp for charging smaller devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. The two ports are clearly marked and are also colored coded.

USB cables needed to recharge are not included since each iOS device comes with one.  However a micro-USB cable is included that may be used to charge the goBAT 11.

The goBAT 11 is a shiny black and is approximately 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5-in.  The MSRP is US$79.99.  I found it online at prices starting at US$52.00.

goBAT 11 charging an iPad and an iPhone

Using the product 

There must be a primary USB source to charge and recharge the goBAT 11. Since the two USB ports on my MacBook Pro are never free I always assume I must find a different source for charging anything that needs a USB port to charge.  It is actually not a problem since all of my iOS products come with a 10 W USB power adapter. Were I to travel with this product, I would expect to take something like the power adapter along, assuming I was going where there would be electricity.

In the process of conducting the review I made a list of all the places that I might be with my iPad, iPhone, iPod Nano, and Genius round microphone, but no computer. The first thing on the list is a hotel room in San Francisco for Macworld. Other places include the homes of relatives. I have a friend who is recovering from a heart attack and the rehab unit in which he resides has no internet and no USB outlets. My point being that Apple includes the 10 W USB power adapters for a reason.

Other than the need to be prepared to recharge as needed, the goBAT 11 is simplicity itself to use. It is a backup battery so you can use your iOS products while they are charging.

Do I recommend it?

I do. You must remember to take along a power (adapter) source if you are traveling for several days, but the small size means it will fit into briefcases, handbags, or computer cases. It works well.  It actually quickly recharges iPads and not many recharging battery products do that well, if at all.

It would certainly be worth your while to check out trusted Internet sources for good prices before purchasing since there seems to be many pricing options.

Product: goBAT 11

Company: Scosche

List Price: US$79.99



Portable Charger and Backup Battery will charge and provide backup power for not one but two of your iOS products at a time.



User must provide USB cables for their iOS products.