Seidio Innocell Plus Combo Case for iPhone 5/5s Includes 2000 mAh Battery

Seidio has released the rechargeable Innocell Plus Holster case for iPhone 5/5s . In many ways it is like other recharging cases, but it also offers a couple of very nice features that will make using it a pleasure.

Innocell Plus Combo case.

The battery offers more than a 125 percent increase in battery power with 2000 mAh capacity. The case is made from durable plastic with soft-touch coating. It is easy to grasp and hold. The package includes the rechargeable case, a microUSB cable, and a holster with face-in design. The MSRP for Innocell Plus Holster is US$79.95. Amazon appears to offer this case at a reduced price, but the ad says it is available in 11 colors when it is only available in black, so this may be a case of buyer beware. 

There is also a version of this case that does not include the holster. It has an MSRP of $69.95.

All the ports are properly located including the port for headphones. The case itself, without the holster attached weighs 2.6 ounces (74 grams). The case with the holster attached weighs 4.6 ounces (130 grams). There are four LED lights on the back to indicate the level battery charge, and a button that allows users to activate the charging.

The holster features a top clip which makes it very easy to attach and remove it.

Using The Product

The first neat feature is that the case is in two parts, a base and a bumper. This makes it exceedingly easy to insert the phone. Once the bumper is snapped in place it becomes almost invisible. The bumper design makes it equally easy to remove the phone.

Back case and bumper.

The holster includes two features that are unique. The holster can be attached two ways. It can cover either the front or back of the phone as needed. Users simply face their iPhone in the direction of choice. Also, the belt clip has a "U" catch on the end so it can't easily slide off the belt.

Holster may be attached to the front or back of the case.

The holster belt clip may be turned in seven directions, and it can be removed completely and reattached as it meets the users needs. Both of these steps are accomplished by simply adjusting a lever on the inside of the holster. 

Button adjusts belt clip.

I found the battery to be quite good and it recharged my iPhone 5s from 50 percent charge to 100 percent charge in little over an hour.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is a full featured product and well designed. Users looking for rechargeable cases should check it out.

Product: Innocell Plus Combo for iPhone 5/5s

Company: Seidio

List Price: US$79.95 (with holster)



Case design allows for easy insertion and removal of the case. Case recharges iPhone when button is pushed. Case finish allows for easy grip. Holster included with case can face the front or back of case. Holster belt clip can be rotated and/or removed as needed. Clip has a "U" shaped end. 2000 mAh capacity.


None noted.