Seido's Dilex Case For iPhone 5/5s is Strong and Flexible

Seido has combined ease of use with strong protection in its Dilex case for iPhone 5/5s in a reasonably priced case. 

Dilex For iPhone 5/5s

The case features a soft rubber inner case made from polymer that is flexible and easy to use, and then added to it is a hard clip-on outer case that hugs the inner case to hold it firmly in place. The outer case covers all four corners to protect against drops.

The two parts of the case

The outer covering also includes a metal kickstand which can be used in landscape mode only.

Kickstand works for landscape mode

The MSRP for the Dilex for iPhone 5/5s is US$34.95, and it's available in seven colors.

Color options

The packaging for the Dilex case does not live up to the case itself. It consists of a cardboard box with a thin, clear plastic cover that allows the case to be easily viewed. When it arrived at my house all four corners of the cardboard box were split open and the case was loose in the box.

Using The Product

There is a lot to like about this case. It is easy to insert and remove the iPhone thanks to the flexible polymer inner part, but it still provides good protection with the added strength of the outer shell.  It's easy to grasp and hold the polymer inner case, while the outer shell makes it easy to insert and remove the iPhone from your pocket. Two for the price of one as it were. All the openings for controls and ports are easily accessible.  For testing, I carried this case for two weeks. I never had a problem with the two parts of the case separating, even when I dropped my iPhone.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is slim (2.2 mm) and easy to hold and carry. It offers a one year manufacturer's warranty and it is reasonably priced. For some reason Seidio has a number of cases for all different brands of phones with the same name (Dilex), so I recommend that you check to make sure you are ordering the one you really want. The link for this particular case is included at the beginning of this review and in the summary below.

Product: Dilex Case For iPad 5/5s

Company: Seidio

List Price: US$34.95



Easy to insert and remove iPhone from case. Outer portion of the case offers good protection for the iPhone. Testing revealed that it does not come apart when in use


Package is flimsy.