Soft Couch + Lapdesk? Caazorii Has A Solution

Caazorii has just introduced a new lap desk that may prove to be the ticket that gives laptop users the freedom to work in unusual places such as soft comfy couches, sitting on the grass, or in the back seat of a vehicle.

Like many of you I spend an inordinate amount of time at my desk working at my computer. There are times when I would love to relax on my big, soft, couch while I work, but I need my Macbook Pro to be both stable and safe. And, I don’t want to be holding a lap desk in place with one hand while I work with the other. For one thing it is annoying and for another, it is impossible to touch type.

I was interested in reviewing Caazorii’s Lapdesk because of its structure.

Caazorii Lapdesk

This product is composed of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, ABS plastic and accommodates all laptop sizes. It is available in white, measures 10.2 x 15.4 x 1.9-in, and weighs 1.8 pounds. It comes in three pieces that clip together and fit into most laptop bags. It can be set up in four configurations to provide four distinct settings. The regular MSRP is U.S.$49.99, but it is currently available at an introductory price of U.S.$39.99 at

Four configuration options

Using the product

If you are sitting on the floor using the lap desk, you would only have to position it as illustrated in this image from the Caazorii website. The base is sturdy enough to hold it in place on a solid surface. Personally, I don’t do floors. Well, I don’t do windows either, but that is a tale for another day. If I got down I would never be able to get up with the dignity required of any Southern lady.

Using a Caazorii Lapdesk on the floor

However, I do do soft couches, and for those settings you just position the lap desk so that you can hold it in place with your legs, pulling it as close or far away as is comfortable for your personal use. I was thrilled to work for over an hour on my couch using the lapdesk without once worrying about tipping or stability. I only stopped when the light got bad. The height of the lap desk was quite comfortable, although anyone very tall might not find this to be true. 

The following image, also from the Caazorii website, shows a woman using the lap desk on a soft surface.

Using a Caazorii Lapdesk on a soft surface

While testing the Caazorii Lapdesk in different settings it was immediately clear that the item works as long as the user is sitting with his or her back braced, i.e., chair, couch, etc. It does not work well on a soft mattress unless the user is sitting up with his or her back braced against a headboard or wall. Nor does it maintain stability over long periods of time when sitting in the open unless one has excellent posture. As soon as I started slouching I felt the lap desk wobble.   

Do I recommend it? 

I do. I really like this lap desk and feel that it meets the need of a number of people who enjoy working away from their usual work station. I particularly like the stability that I felt while using it and the sturdiness of the construction. It is simplicity itself to put together, but I would not recommend lifting it by the top piece and moving it while holding your laptop. The very construction that makes it so easy to set up and take down, means that the weight of your computer will pull it apart if you try moving it in such a way. I also like the clever way the designers created for snapping the pieces together for easy transport.

Caazorii Lapdesk snapped together for transport

Product: Caazorii Lapdesk

Company: Caazorii, Inc.

List Price: U.S.$49.99



Allows user to work safely on soft and unstable surfaces.


Individuals over six feet tall may find the work surface to be too short for them.