Arkon’s 3 Ounce iPad Stand: Folds Nicely, Inexpensive

This little iPad stand has a lot going for it. It folds to a size of 7” x 1” x 1” and only weighs 2.9 ounces. It is sturdy. The bottom has neoprene runners that prevent movement when in use. The runners even worked on my glass topped desk, and the company states that they work on airplane seat back trays.

Arkon iPad Stand in Use

It has numerous settings for adjusting the viewing angle and works with both vertical and horizontal settings.

Arkon Stand in Open and Closed Positions

Using The Product

The first thing I noticed when trying out this product was the notches in the legs that are intended to hold the iPad in place. They are cut at an angle, and they are deep enough to provide a good hold. I wondered if I could use this stand without removing my iPad case. Since I use a book cover style case I have never found a stand that would work with the case. The open case throws everything off balance.

To my surprise I am able to leave my case in place and still use this stand. That doesn’t mean that all kinds and types of cases will fit, but I mention it to point out that the stand is sturdy enough to deal with my case without flipping over. It also does not tip or rock when I type or play a game.

The stand is very easy to position and very easy to set up and take down. It is a matter of just a few flips of the wrist.

Do I Recommend It? 

I do. It’s simple, easy to use, and folds into a compact item that easily slips into a backpack or briefcase. On top of that it is only US$17.95. It seems like lots of people are getting iPads for holiday gifts and this would make a great accessory to go along with one.

Product: iPad Stand

Company: Arkon

List Price: US$17.95



Compact, folding iPad stand is inexpensive and works well.


None noted.