Technocel T360 Bluetooth Headset

The first thing you notice about this new product is the size. It is approximately 1.5 inches long and .75 inches wide and feels like it doesn’t weigh anything, yet it works well.   

Using The Product

I tested this headset walking around my house and on a road trip. For testing purposes I wore it for several hours at a time. It is so light weight that I usually forgot that I had it on and a ring would startle me. It is very comfortable. The literature says that it can be worn with or without the accompanying ear piece, but I can not imagine trying to keep up with it without the ear piece. Perhaps someone with large ear canals could try, but if it fell out, the wearer would probably not even realize it was missing. It can be worn on either ear.

There are two volume buttons - up is on one side, down on the other. It makes it much easier to adjust the volume when you are doing it by feel only.

To answer your phone using the headset you just punch the center button once and say hello. To end the call you punch the same button again.  If you wish you can always choose to answer your phone directly, even when the headset is turned on. However, you have to punch a button on your phone’s face to let it know you are bypassing the headset.

If your phone allows for voice commands for placing calls, the headset accommodates that. As long as I spoke clearly with proper instructions (call Joe Jones mobile) it worked perfectly. Otherwise, you punch in your numbers on your phone and then press the talk button on the headset.

There is a feature for last number dialing which is nice for all of us who have iPhones with AT&T service. When your calls are dropped in the middle of conversations you can redial the number by pressing the talk button for 2 seconds. You will hear the redial tone and the phone will dial the last number.

Another feature allows you to send a caller straight to voice mail. When the call comes in, press and hold the talk button for 2 seconds and release the button when you hear a beep.

The Bottom Line 

It took me a little while to get comfortable with the headset because it is trigger sensitive and if I held the button too long I disconnected a call. However, once I figured it out it worked like a champ. I love the size and weight of this unit. It is like not having anything there. The quality of the reception is excellent and the quality of what others hear from me seems to be very good. One caller said I sounded like I was in a tunnel, but when I asked her to turn down her volume that problem went away.  

At $39.99 the option is now available for people who were not willing to spend $100 on a headset to purchase a good one at a reasonable price. As more states clamp down on holding phones while driving, more people are looking at alternatives and this is a good option to consider.

The Basics

Product: T360 Bluetooth Headset
Manufacturer:  Technocel   
Bluetooth Technology: Version 2.1 - Pairing with your phone is required
Size: 1.5 inches x .75 inches
Price: $39.99
Release Date: Week of April 1, 2010
Warranty: 1 Year
Operation Distance: Up to 33 feet from mobile phone
Main Feature: Noise Reduction Technology
Pre-use Charge Time Requirement: 4 hours
Talk Time: 5 hours*
Standby Time: 150 hours*
Package Includes: Power charger and rechargeable lithium ion battery, two flexible ear hooks, and assorted foam transmitter covers.

(*per manufacturer)

Product: T360 Bluetooth Headset

Company: Technocel

List Price: $39.99



Small, light weight, and reasonably priced, this headset gives good reception for both the speaker and the listener.



None noted.