The U-Suit Folio Premium Is An Excellent Case for The New iPad

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iPad cases seem variations on a small number of themes. Some of them mimic Apple’s Smart Cover by curving to a triangle creating a comfortable but low reading position for the iPad in landscape mode. Some cases require that the iPad be slid into a protective shell adding often adding bulk and weight. Others complete the job of the Smart Cover by snapping onto the existing Apple cover and protecting the back of the device. There is usually a trade-off between amount of protection and added bulk. I think that UNIEA found just the right balance of features with their U-Suit Folio Premium for the new iPad at US$49.95

U-Suit Folio Premium for the new iPad in Blue

Although at first blush this looks like every other case on the market, if you look closer you’ll see how thoughtfully this case was designed. It comes in blue, red, white, gray, black and brown padded leather. All the cut-outs are in the right places allowing easy access to the volume, headphone jack and dock connector while not covering up the speaker and providing needed cushioning for the rear-facing camera. 

The way it installs is similar to the UNIEA Caj cases by having you snap the corners of the iPad into little U-Shaped rigid connectors, but it goes the Caj one better by adding two more clasps which are important to the improved design.

The U-Suit Folio Opened

If you look really closely, you can see a tab on both sides of the top of the iPad, another two about a third of the way down, and two more at the bottom. The picture was taken with the iPad flat on the floor. Below the iPad you’ll see the inside of the back case. This is made of soft cushioning material and contains four ridges. The reverse side is soft leather.  If you unsnapped the bottom two clasps holding the iPad to the case, the iPad is still safely connected to the case, but by tilting it and bringing it forward, the case safely provides four viewing angles. Each of the four ridges stops the iPad and the ridges are cut low enough so that the iPad won’t slip out even it’s shaken a bit or sitting on your stomach while lying down. 

iPad In It’s Most Vertical Position

The four possible position are enough to cover any situation I found myself in. I’m sure the design was not by accident since each one seems just right. The soft padded inside material adds a level of protection to the screen. When you want to take your iPad with you, just fold it back, snap it into the bottom two tabs and fold the cover over it. There is a long tab that clasps the case together providing a satisfying snap, so there is no way the case will unadvertantly open, even if you pick it up the wrong way. When closed, it makes a tight package.

The U-Suit Folio Premium Closed in Black

Note the clasp going half-way up the right side. It adds both security and safety to the case. Although the packaging of the case doesn’t mention it, it does have the sleep/wake function since the magnets are in the proper polarity. When you hear it snap closed, you can depend upon the screen being off. Everything about the case seems and feels right and dependable. The nicely grained leather is quite attractive and the case feels right when carrying it around. The stitching is even and well sewn. 

The Case in White Leather

I have been using this case for about a week, taking it with me everywhere, and I can’t find even the smallest nit to pick with it. For me, it’s the perfect case. And one of the nicest parts is the price. At US$49.95 given the amount of functionality, protection and the excellent fit and finish, I would consider it a bargain. If you’re looking for a folio style case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk, look no further. 

Product: U-Suit Folio Premium

Company: UNIEA

List Price: US$49.95



Solid construction, comes in a variety of colors, protects while being quite stylish, four sturdy viewing angles, on/off function works perfectly, soft cushioning padding, doesn’t add too much bulk, snaps together solidly.


None to speak of.

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The 4 angles look like they are designed for viewing content.  How do the ridges hold up when you have finger impact on the screen repeatedly for typing?  Is one of those ridges at the right position for a good typing angle?

This is critical information.  Otherwise the case looks pretty good.  I also like that they came up with an idea that wasn’t just copying the Smart Cover (using ridges on the inside of the case instead of folding the cover to use as a stand). But if there’s no good typing angle, then that’s pretty much a deal breaker.

The cover doesn’t happen to also fold back like the Smart Cover too does it?  Is it just the 4 ridges on the inside of the case?  That also means you can’t sit this on the edge of a table/desk since the cover would hang over the edge a bit.


Idem.  I only use the case in typing position, but for that it looks like the clasp for snapping it closed would lift the iPad away from you and make it wobble?
I was considering buying the Targus Premium Click-in…

let us know about the typing position



David Winograd

I don’t think any of the positions are great for typing, but I don’t use my iPad for typing at an angle. All four positions are for landscape viewing.

You can fold the cover behind the iPad so it doesn’t hang over a table. The snapping tab doesn’t make anything wobble. It’s lifted a bit.



Looks like Marware has a case with a similar design to this one (  I looked at Marware’s website since TMO gave high marks on Marware’s MicroShell Folio case.  Anyway, Marware’s site has a picture showing how to fold theirs into a typing angle position, which looks like it would equally apply to UNIEA’s.  UNIEA’s case has the advantage of one or two more angles in the stand mode.

David Winograd

You know, I was playing with it and setting it down one past the last ridge which still is held tightly in place, DOES afford a good typing position.

The UNIEA stays in place better than the Marware and the typing position this way is similar. They are both nice cases, but i think the UNIEA is nicer.


OK, I decided to go with this one.  Thanks for the great reviews here on MacObserver!

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