Trego's Wearable iPad Case Doubles as Portable Workstation

The Trego wearable iPad case fits over the shoulder for easy carry, and then opens up to become an iPad workstation. An adjustable strap is included. It is available in black with green trim or black with orange trim. The bag is made from heavy duty nylon and has aluminum D-rings. The product offers a 14 day risk-free trial period. 

Trego case

In addition to the zippered area that functions as a workstation, it includes a second zippered pocket, the length and width of the bag, that holds pens, styluses and other small items.

Inside view showing protective case

This second pocket will easily carry a small keyboard along with personal items. The keyboard I used for testing was 10 x 5-in. (25.4 x 12.7-cm).

View of second zippered pocket

The Trego includes an iPad case that can be removed altogether or securely fastened to a special built-in holder located inside the larger case. The removable case is held securely in place inside the Trego via two strips of heavy duty velcro. While attached to the Trego, the removable iPad case can be turned 360 degrees..

Velcro fasteners hold iPad in the Trego

Using The Product

The Trego is a nice size and a very sturdy product. It is easy to insert or remove the iPad, and it will hold all iPads from the iPad 2 forward.  All port and button openings are readily available.

The outside front of the case will fold back to form a work stand that makes it easy and pleasant to type or view.

Using the workstation component

The Trego can also be opened to form a work station when worn across the shoulder. One must simply slip it to the front, unzip the pocket holding the iPad, and open. It is awkward to attempt to type more than a sentence or two in this mode, but the primary design seems to simply provide quick and easy access to remove the iPad.

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is well made and has a good, useful design. The zippers are industrial grade and sturdy. The size of the case makes it possible to carry several other items, thus limiting the need for additional bags, such as briefcases or handbags. The price is also quite reasonable at US$79.00. It seems to me that it would be particularly useful to students who are constantly on the move.

Product: Trego Wearable iPad Case

Company: Trego

List Price: US$79.00



Well designed and well constructed carry bag converts to a workstation. Includes special iPad case. Has second, internal zippered pocket. Room for Bluetooth keyboard. Risk-free trial for 14 days.


None noted.