Tuff-Luv’s In-Genius iPhone 4 Case Gives Sturdy Protection

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The In-Genius leather iPhone case by Tuff-Luv has several features. First, there is a reinforced screen cover flap. On the inside of the screen cover are two slots to hold cards or cash. Second, is the tab fastener for the flap that both holds the flap securely fastened, and can be used to quickly eject the contents of one of the inner slots. Last is the slim line hard shell base that holds the phone securely in place.

In-Genius iPhone case

iPhone case with with pull-tab example

The case fits the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. (Also 4G in UK.) Prices vary according to material. The Napa leather (black) is ₤29.99. In US funds that is approximately US$43.87 depending on the fluctuation of the dollar against the euro. The version available in Saddleback leather is ₤32.99. There are also versions available in faux leather in black or royal purple for ₤24.99. Each of these versions can be ordered from the company website. The product carries a lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials.

Using the product

This is an attractive well built case although one friend who saw it did not like the silver TL logo insignia placed on the outside. The snap closure is very secure and well built and gives the feeling that it will not come apart or be short-lived. The stitching is neat and well done. The hard shell case that composes the bottom of the case is covered in the same material as the flap so it looks the same and is easy to grip. The inside of the hard shell is covered in something soft so it does not scratch the phone. It is also easy to insert and remove the iPhone. 

The case is ⅝-in thick. The tab-pull that allows easy removal of a card or cash from the upper slot on the inside of the screen cover is quite ingenious and handy. I’ve not seen that in any case before and it certainly simplifies the whole process of digging out a credit card quickly when needed.

Do I recommend it?

I do.  If you want or need a case that provides complete coverage for your phone but allows fairly easy access this one might just be what you are looking for.  

Product: In-Genius Case

Company: Tuff-Luv

List Price: ₤29.99



Leather iPhone case with tab fastener provides good protection.


None noted.

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Lee Dronick

Nancy, does the tab fastener use velcro?

Nancy with Bifocals

No Lee, it is a sturdy snap closure.  No velcro in sight.

Lee Dronick

No Lee, it is a sturdy snap closure.? No velcro in sight.

Good, because I find that small area velcro fasteners rapidly lose their ability for a secure hold.

I will need a new case/cover for my soon to arrive iPhone 4s.


What happens to the cover when using the phone in landscape   Does it just flap around. Or is it held by something???

Nancy with Bifocals

What happens to the cover when using the phone in landscape ? Does it just flap around. Or is it held by something???

It is not held in place by anything specific, but you can easily hold it with your hand since the middle flap is flexible.

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